10 bedtime books for children

10 bedtime books for children

To help children fall asleep, it is important to establish a precise routine, made up of gestures, cuddles and age-appropriate reading.

Bedtime with young children can be particularly complex. While we would go to bed with the chickens, in order to recover some energy, they, the children, always seem to have too much energy, which is why it is never time to go to sleep. Putting babies to bed requires calm and a cool head but also a good dose of luck, to hear them snore after a few minutes.

For this reason, people are divided into two categories: those who carry out a ritual, a precise routine that accompanies children slowly to fall asleep, and those who eradicate the problem at the root, by not having children!

Although there are children who do not have difficulty falling asleep at all, most of them require attention, cuddles, massages, before closing the eyelids, and for our efforts to take effect before the sun rises, in the evening routines must not be lacking. bedtime books.

Reading and listening to bedtime books, in addition to having the function of cuddling the child, cradling him and taking him to Morpheus, possibly before curfew time, also have the advantage of accustoming the child to the pleasure of reading. Bedtime books stimulate the imagination, satisfy curiosity, help to dream and to love stories.


  • Bedtime books, from what age
  • Books to read before bed: characteristics
  • Four bedtime books for children from 0 to 3 years old
  • Four bedtime books for children aged 3 to 6
  • Two bedtime books for children aged 6 and over

Bedtime books, from what age

Alice Angelotti and Anita Ballabio, mothers, but above all very expert booksellers, from Corteccia, their Milanese bookshop dedicated to children's books, see parents every day who are looking for fairy tales, fairy tales and bedtime books. From their experience, they believe that it is never too early to devote themselves to reading a bedtime book as, moreover, there is no age at which to finish this ritual.

For them, reading books is a cuddle, which is good for the heart, even before bedtime, and if reading is a bedtime ritual, it will always be, as long as the child wants.

Books to read before bed: characteristics

Our personal taste obviously affects the choice of bedtime books, the age and characteristics of the child, the time we are able to dedicate. Having said that, although you can also choose books that are not explicitly mentioned at bedtime, books that can create anxiety or fear should certainly be avoided, because they risk fueling nightmares or excitement. As well as those that are too long or with a complex history, which could raise many questions, taking away the moment of falling asleep.

According to Anita and Alice, “the ingredients that the ideal bedtime book should have are: a repetitive or circular story and rhyming. The rhyming stories are the most popular, without a doubt, the rhyme turns into a little chant that lulls the children and makes them slide, faster, towards sleep. Circular stories that always repeat the same passages, but with a different implication depending on the characters they meet, help to predict what will happen and the attention effort on the part of the child will be less ".

Four bedtime books for children from 0 to 3 years old

Bedtime books, within certain limits, can be distinguished by age group. It goes without saying that, for younger children, with a lower attention span, short stories will be better, which give more space to illustrations than to words, with greater musicality, repetitions and rhymes, unlike those for the most large.

The nursery rhymes of Goodnight. Tony Wolf. Dami Ediz.

Here it is the rhyme that reigns supreme. Lots of stories, very short and very funny. Mice, crickets, puppies, kittens, bears, all the animals of creation, to accompany the youngest children into the magical world of dreams.

Offer Bedtime nursery rhymes Bedtime Nursery Rhymes 9,90 EUR −20% 7,92 EUR Buy on Amazon

Good night! Jory John and Benji Davies. Il Castoro Ediz.

Many illustrations, accompanied by short sentences, which tell of a very sleepy bear, as opposed to his duck friend.

Offer Good night! Ediz. illustrated Good night! Ediz. illustrated 13,50 EUR −5% 12,82 EUR Buy on Amazon

Anita and Alice also advise:

The Book that sleeps. Ramadier & Borgeau. Hippocampus Ediz.

The expedient used by this bedtime book to make the child fall asleep is very curious: the book that asks for kisses, cuddles and stories, before falling asleep, is sleepy. A few words for a nice child-book identification.

Offer The book that sleeps The book that sleeps 9.90 EUR −5% 9.40 EUR Buy on Amazon

I love you as… Petit Cristina, Passarini Carlotta. Pulce Ediz.

A real cuddle, before bed, with declarations of love through puppies of all kinds, their mothers and fathers.

Offer I love you as .... Ediz. coloured I love you as …. Ediz. color 14,00 EUR −5% 13,30 EUR Buy on Amazon

Four bedtime books for children aged 3 to 6

In this age group, it is often children who ask for more constructed stories, with a book with a single long story or with several more or less long stories.

My dad has bad dreams. Thomas Baas and Hanieh Delecroix. Clichy Ediz.

A very funny bedtime book that involves a reversal of roles. In this case, it is the father who cannot sleep, while the child has to reassure him.

Offer My dad has bad dreams. Ediz. coloured My dad has bad dreams. Ediz. color 17,00 EUR −5% 16,15 EUR Buy on Amazon

The Goodnight Stories. Dami Publisher.

Evolution of that of nursery rhymes, with a series of more or less long stories, independent of each other. Several important issues for children are addressed: from sleep to pacifiers, from friendship to reluctance to a bath.

Offer Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories 9,90 EUR −20% 7,92 EUR Buy on Amazon

Anita and Alice also recommend:

It's time to sleep! Debicki Jeremy, Mearns Ceporah. Picarona Ediz.

Here the protagonist is a little girl, Siasi, who would like to do everything except go to sleep. Even with the help of rhymes, children will live their adventures before bedtime.

Offer It's time to sleep! Ediz. coloured It's time to sleep! Ediz. color 11,00 EUR −5% 10,45 EUR Buy on Amazon

The never ending story of the evening. Boutavant Marc, Gillot Laurenc. Gallucci Ed.

It could be the title of any of our evenings, and instead it is the title of a very curious book. A circular story in which the rabbit, to make its cubs fall asleep, tells the story of the elephant which, to make its cubs fall asleep, tells the story of the penguin, and so on.

Offer The never ending story of the evening. Ediz. coloured The never ending story of the evening. Ediz. color 11,70 EUR −5% 11,11 EUR Buy on Amazon

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Two bedtime books for children aged 6 and over

After six years of age, with the beginning of elementary school, it is not uncommon for the child to want to read alone, even before bedtime. As a form of independence and curiosity. In these cases, it is better to help him with books written in block letters, with clear characters, for a simpler and more fluid reading.

Obviously, his desire for independence does not exclude us from reading, if he wishes, before bedtime. Stories will no longer be about characters who can't sleep or are struggling with nightmares and dreams. According to the preferences expressed by the child, it will be possible to range from the classics to the more modern fairy tales which, often, he will choose himself.

Alice's fairy tales. Gianni Rodari. Einaudi Ediz.

Short tales, to be read by handfuls, where a very small Alice will entertain children through her original disappearances to say the least.

Offer Alice's fairy tales. Ediz. illustrated Alice's fairy tales. Ediz. illustrated 10,00 EUR −26% 7,40 EUR Buy on Amazon

Luigi. Nicolas Hubesch and Catharina Valckx. Babalibri Ediz.

A really weird character, this Luigi, accompanied by very curious friends who live adventures at the limit of the possible. Long stories, and some comics, to make the whole family smile.

Offer Luigi. Some very interesting days of my life. Ediz. illustrated Luigi. Some very interesting days of my life. Ediz. illustrated 17,50 EUR −5% 16,66 EUR Buy on Amazon

The benefits of reading are many, for children and for us. Obviously, after a certain time it should be illegal to be told "come on, mom, one more story, the very last one and that's it!" but, as usual, in front of the most insistent children, there is only one tactic to get out of it. That of pretending to be dead. Seeing is believing!

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