200 Euro VAT Bonus: who can have it and how to fill in the application

Bonus da 200 euro per Partite Iva

How to request the 200 euro bonus for VAT and, above all, who can request it? Here’s what the requirements are and what to do to get it.

Good news for all owners from Matches VAT who, in this last period, were waiting to know if and when one of the bonuses designed directly for them would be unlocked.
To be able to take advantage of this new bonusin fact, there will be more than three million self-employed workers.
Here is who it is intended for and how to request this help!

200 euro bonus for VAT: how it works and who can request it

Intended for all self-employed workers and professionals registered with the various social security funds of INPS, the bonus from 200 EUR for Matches VAT has finally been unlocked.

200 euro bonus for VAT

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They will be able to use it more than three million workersremained “dry mouth” while, since last month, employees and retirees have been able to take advantage of the similar bonus.
The financial endowment of the first Aid Decree increased, which reached the threshold of 600 million euros with the Decree Aid Bisnow it will finally be possible to pay the bonus also to self-employed workers.

But how to request the 200 euro bonus for VAT?
First of all, it is necessary to comply with the requirements drawn up by the decree and which are the following:

  • be self-employed or professional registered with a social security fund of the INPS
  • not having earned a total income of more than 35,000 euros in the tax period 2021
  • not having already received the € 200 bonus as an employee (there are those who have both an employee contract and a VAT-registered business who may have already received the bonus).

An estimate of the insiders has identified as possible recipients of this bonus various categories that do not manage to earn 35,000 euros:

  • traders (973,000 units)
  • craftsmen (859,000 units)
  • professionals with registration at the cashier and exclusive (693,000 units)
  • direct growers (30,000 units)

The grandeur of the request meant that the times were getting longer. There was a need to unlock a higher contribution from the state and, finally, it did.
Who can receive the € 200 bonus as a VAT number, so what should they do now?

How to claim the € 200 bonus

If you meet all the above requirements (not having already received the bonus as an employee, not having earned more than € 35,000 in the year 2021 and being self-employed), you can actually access the bonus.

However, it will be necessary in any case prove also that:

  • the VAT number has been opened and you already have an activity started
  • he is registered with the Inps pension schemes or with the management bodies of compulsory forms of social security and assistance
  • at least one payment (in total or partial form) has been made for one’s contributions

In short, in simple terms: you certainly cannot open the VAT number now to request the bonus but you will have to be workers who already have paid contributions to their own pension fund or to the state in the form of self-employed workers!

There request must be presented to the own Bank from Retirement provision, in fact, according to the methods indicated by each entity. The allowance will be paid on the basis of the data declared by each applicant and will subsequently be subjected to a new verification.
For now, therefore, you have to wait that each entity social security provision the modality and the terms for accessing the bonus.
In the meantime, however, we can begin to put aside the documentation that we already know will be required: the approval of the implementing decree for this measure is very close!

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