2019 Valentine's Day Horoscope: love for Libra

2019 Valentine's Day Horoscope: love for Libra

Love and affinity: the predictions of Antonio Capitani

Born under the sign of Libra, what do stars reserve you for Valentine's Day? Antonio Capitani reveals it to you.

How you love. The feeling is born little by little between a heartbeat and a "pull of bridles" from your self-control, between an aesthetic evaluation and an intervention of reason. You are not the type of explosions of passion, you, but a cautious person, respectful of the feelings and sensibilities of others. But when you head, heart and heart they give you the okay, you let yourself go completely to love … Almost always, however, with the same warmth of the vegetable drawer in the fridge …

How do you want to be loved. With you you must be strongly motivated to the relationship of couple. It is necessary to believe in the couple, in the life project for two. Only when you find a person who shares your understanding of the relationship do you really feel substantially appreciated. You also want to be loved with kindness, with good manners, with grace and tact, maybe even in fornicatory intimacy (but a little less: in those contexts a little ruspantezza you do not mind).

How love goes out in you. If the agreements you have made with your partner (mutual respect, loyalty, cooperation, etc.) fail, if you "yes" and "neglect" yourself, you will feel hopelessly dismantled. But you have a strong "sense of the couple", so try to find a solution through dialogue. But if you don't even need this, you suddenly cut back and whoever saw you saw it.

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