2019 Valentine's Day Horoscope: Love for the Lion

2019 Valentine's Day Horoscope: Love for the Lion

Love and affinity: the predictions of Antonio Capitani

How you love. Falling in love explodes in you like the light of day on a summer morning. And it propagates with immediacy in the great sky of your soul (as well as in the anatomical area south of the navel …) making you born into a new life. Yes, because you really only live when you're in love and reciprocated. Generally your passions do not take into account pragmatic evaluations, perhaps because, as Salomone said, the only organ of listening to a king (and Leo is) is always and in any case the heart …

How do you want to be loved. If you put the person you love at the center of the world, it must put you at the center of the universe. Maybe giving yourself plaudits, filling you with compliments, even blatant ones, making you always feel "very crazy" cool. It must give you warmth, intensity, all your heart. And under the sheets you must never deny yourself anything …

How love goes out in you. When you are betrayed. Not only in the sense of "actual horns", but rather if you realize that your generosity (which borders on excess) is reciprocated by the loved one with ingratitude and opportunism. You can also grant the appeal test to the partner. But if this too fails, you go to a cassation immediately and erase that person from your life.

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