2019 Valentine's Day Horoscope: Love for the Virgin

2019 Valentine's Day Horoscope: Love for the Virgin

Love and affinity: the predictions of Antonio Capitani

How you love. It is not at all true that you are chilly and not very willing to play with reciprocity, as certain commonplaces of astrology assert. On the contrary, if you fall in love, the passion circulates in your veins from head to toe, vibrate like a slimming belt, you let yourself get involved without reservations. Perhaps your feelings are born by engaging the "first", but you don't take long to increase the march, especially if "that" person finds the approval of your head too. In addition to your spirit muy pig lit …

How do you want to be loved. You must first be reassured, with words, works and missions. In addition to missionaries, position under the sheets that you usually like a lot. Who loves you should never let you miss the "pat pat" on your shoulder when maybe things at work or in other areas of everyday life don't go the right way. He must listen to you when you tell him to put on his health shirt and when you urge him to eat healthy. In short, the more you stick to your advice, the more satisfied you are.

How it turns off. You are not led to idealize, this is not, but you want a person who has practical sense, who helps you, who is industrious, active and fills your insecurities. If you realize that in your partner these features are hiding, you begin to slow down gradually, until the final break.

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