3 anti-stress exercises to relax the mind and body

Esercizi antistress

Let’s see together 3 useful and effective exercises to relax the mind and body, letting go of tensions and freeing the whole organism, relieving it considerably

The link between body and mind

The link that exists between body and mind always has a prominent place in articles, television reports, newspapers and magazines. But really understanding what we are talking about when we talk about the somato-emotional relationship, the connection between the psyche and the body, here, means wanting to explore what is not controlled and managed immediately. For example, could you say, on a scale of emotions, which one do you give in frequently and uncontrollably? Could it be anger, sadness, fear? Which emotional areas do you frequent most? And following what thoughts? What path do thoughts follow in relation to the things that move us and the things we feel?

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The affirmations that we constantly say to ourselves constitute the so-called “food for brain”. Every thought should really be conceived as a “food” that nourishes or impoverishes cognitive effort, so we are talking about a choice, a way of selecting the affirmations we say in our heads and then finding the strength to remove those that we feel make us feel a certain weakness. Maintaining clarity means not being clouded and not being carried away by emotions that have low frequencies such as envy, possession, resentment, attachment, jealousy.

In fact, you shouldn’t let your mind go like a maverick dog; sometimes we are tired or feel the influence of the things that others report to us, of their complaints, of their way of doing. It would be important to always maintain a certain internal cleanliness, always find a moment and a time to be with ourselves and recharge. Taking your life in hand and taking care of the relationship between mind and body could even start with simple exercises that can be done at any time of the day. Surely, maintaining a lifestyle that is not rigid and not too loose allows us to find the right balance, what, in other words, does for us. Knowing oneself means wanting to commit to also knowing what to offer to others and not create misunderstandings and useless energy waste. We also remember that when we have been under stress for a long time and without ever giving ourselves a break, here we also unbalance our hormonal balance. Then a whole range of symptoms arises such as hypertension, digestive problems, headaches and all signals that should be listened to in time.

3 anti-stress exercises

Let’s see together 3 exercises that are easy to access and execute that you can do at any time of the day and then get to manage stress and the relationship between mind and body with greater ease:

Walk barefoot

When and how you can, take off your shoes, release tensions in your feet with a small massage even without a specific technique, only with the intention of giving love to the structures that support us continuously, all day long, when we are standing. Then get ready to walk on a lawn or on the earth, feeling all the deep contact with it. This natural technique is called Earthing and restores and maintains the most natural electrical state of the human body, to support general functionality in everyday life. The energy that comes naturally from the Earth is the best anti-inflammatory in existence and the best anti-aging medicine. Getting back in touch with this unspeakable force helps and supports the whole body, making us expel toxins immediately and spontaneously.

Diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is a key that unlocks many emotional or physical problems and congestions. Furthermore, we always have, at all times, a magnificent resource within the reach of every moment. You can do it standing or lying down, in the supine position. Place one hand on the chest and one on the abdomen. With your eyes closed, concentrate and try to keep your mind only on the execution of the exercise. Breathe in and out deeply, slowly, with some awareness and keeping the breath deep and long. Observe that the belly under the chest rises. Gradually you can increase the volume of the abdomen significantly, feeling well the ribs that rise and fall. Leave the shoulders free and relaxed and relieve any tension in the facial muscles.


It is about bouncing while standing, or performing rhythmic cushioning with the whole body, as if having the feeling that we are letting go of what we do not need. Knock your heels on the ground well, knees bent, shoulders soft, make a rhythmic movement as if wanting to shake off all worries and weights. Breathe out through your mouth and breathe in through your nose, let go of all tensions and, if you come and go, produce deep sounds that come from the lower abdomen (like when calling a horse, so to speak). You sound as if they come from your inner being. Leave your neck soft and imagine that you are agitating all the cells in the body in a beneficial way.

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