3 DIY recipes to say goodbye to blackheads

Blackheads and skin impurities? Here’s how to get rid of it with DIY recipes to prepare with simple and natural ingredients


  • All about blackheads
  • Beauty routine anti-impurità
  • Do it yourself recipes
    • Exfoliating scrub
    • Anti-impurity mask
    • Rebalancing mask

All about blackheads

Blackheads are very common skin blemishes among young people and beyond. How are blackheads formed? These skin impurities derive from an accumulation of sebum and keratin, to which microorganisms can be added, inside the hair follicles. From this process the white points are born: when these white points dilate, their content in contact with the air oxidizes, and here the black points appear.

Since the whole process begins due to an excess of sebum, it is easier for blackheads to form right where the sebaceous glands are most, therefore in the area around the nose or on the back, for example and are typical of age. juvenile for the same reason. In fact, during adolescence, a sort of hormonal storm occurs and sex hormones have an important influence on the production of sebum.

While blackheads may seem like just an annoying blemish, these impurities hide a pitfall. If the blackheads are squeezed or if they become inflamed, in fact, they can give rise to pimples and acne and, consequently, to scars and skin spots. It is therefore better to intervene in time and treat the skin adequately to make blackheads disappear and prevent their formation.

Beauty routine anti-impurità

To finally say goodbye to blackheads, it is necessary to take care of daily skin care in the best possible way, starting with cleansing. In the morning you can use a simple purifying and sebum-regulating hydrosol, to be wiped on the face with a well-cleaned sponge or with a cotton swab. Hydrolates are natural products obtained at the same time as the distillation of essential oils: they are therefore perfumed waters rich in beneficial properties for the skin. Against blackheads and impurities, rosemary hydrosol and myrtle hydrosol are excellent.

After cleaning, you can apply a light, slightly oily face serum, formulated with aloe gel enriched with natural antibacterial substances and able to regulate sebum production. Examples of natural ingredients that help fight blackheads are burdock extract, niacinamide or vitamin B3, salicylic acid, fruit acids. In the fight against sebum, impurities, and blackheads, antibacterial essential oils such as those of lavender, geranium, tea tree and sacred basil or tulsi also help a lot.

Then pay attention to make-up, which must be light and not occluding. For an anti-impurity make-up, for example, mineral make-up is perfect, composed of powders that do not hinder the transpiration of the skin and which in addition absorb excess sebum, avoiding not only the formation of blackheads but also that the skin appears shiny. Mineral make-up is also easier to remove using hydrolates, micellar waters and other gentle cleansing products.

In addition to daily care, a deeper facial cleansing can be performed, exfoliating the skin with do-it-yourself scrubs every fortnight and applying purifying masks to be prepared with your own hands once or more times a week.

Do it yourself recipes

Exfoliating scrub

The scrub helps to remove dead cells, makes the skin brighter and more homogeneous and increases the effectiveness of subsequent treatments. Excellent for blackheads, it should not be done in the presence of lesions, pimples, acne, redness and irritation. The scrub is prepared on the spot, does not keep, and is used twice a month, so every fortnight or so. Here’s how to prepare it at home.


  • a spoonful of brown sugar
  • a teaspoon of aloe vera gel
  • a spoonful of sunflower oil

Procedure and use

To prepare the scrub, simply mix the three ingredients and apply the mixture on the slightly damp skin of the face, massaging with your hands. It is not necessary to exert strong pressure, gentle movements are enough for the sugar to exfoliate the skin. Once the whole face massage is finished, rinse with warm water and proceed by applying a mask or your usual face serum.

Anti-impurity mask

This mask has antibacterial action and, in addition to being suitable for preventing blackheads, it also helps relieve redness, inflammation, pimples.


  • two tablespoons of aloe vera gel
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice
  • a teaspoon of honey
  • four drops of propolis

Procedure and use

Mix the lemon juice, honey and propolis in a bowl, then add everything to the aloe vera gel. Soak a fabric mask with the cream obtained and apply on the face for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse with warm water. If your skin feels itchy due to lemon juice, remove the mask immediately and omit this ingredient for subsequent times. The treatment with this mask can be repeated every week, even twice a week.

Rebalancing mask

This mask is made with clay, a natural ingredient that helps remove excess sebum and counteract blackheads and shiny skin. However, it is not suitable if you suffer from acne.


  • two tablespoons of green or white clay
  • a spoonful of honey
  • chamomile infusion


First, prepare a chamomile tea using a glass of water and a tea bag of chamomile tea or a spoonful of dried chamomile flowers, leaving it to infuse for five minutes. When the infusion is ready, filter and let it cool, then dissolve the honey in half the infusion. Add the infusion with the honey to the clay, until a homogeneous mixture is obtained; if this is not enough, slowly add the other part of the infusion. Apply to the skin of the face excluding the eye and lip contours, leave on for a quarter of an hour and rinse with warm water. The treatment can be repeated once a week.

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