3 educational activities to do this summer with your child!

3 educational activities to do this summer with your child!

Summer days can be very long when schools are closed and the children are at home. How to spend quality time together, learning and having fun?

A trip to the mountains, a walk in the park, a day at the beach but also an afternoon at home can all be excellent opportunities to discover something new, to live a new adventure and help the little one to look at reality with different eyes. How? The most powerful tool we have at our disposal is play: it is through play that our child learns new things, with which he knows in order to learn, from the very first months of life. The way he plays grows with him: at the beginning the game is "exploratory", that is, it helps him to know the physical properties of objects, and then comes to the "functional game" in which he uses the toys as they should be used, before move on to the "simulated / symbolic game" in which he learns that an object can be used to represent something else.

Here are three suggestions for fun activities, based on educational games, that we can do together with our child during the summer, outdoors or at home, thanks to which we will stimulate and train different skills:

    Who said that you need a pencil to leave a mark? When at the beach, ask the child to spontaneously draw shapes or whatever they like on the sand using their index finger. Later, you can ask him to draw using sticks, the handle of the rake or the shovel. After experimenting with free drawing, ask him to reproduce the signs, lines and shapes that you propose to him! This activity can also be replicated at home, for example using corn flour!
    Putting your hands in the sand or in the flour, being free to manipulate it and then to realize what you have in mind is of extreme interest and pleasure for the little ones. With these activities we will stimulate eye-manual coordination and improve the control of the gesture to trace or draw. To discover many other games and activities to develop fine manual skills: Writing for the little ones from the QUID + series.
    Ask your child to take a pear and observe it: does he know what a pear is like? Then ask him, after having cut it in half, to look carefully at it and to indicate which is the core, the pulp, the seeds, the skin, the sepals and finally the stalk. An observation activity can also be carried out in an external environment: for example, how many elements with different shapes are there in a tree? Carefully observing a tree in the woods during a walk will lead the child to see that there are many different shapes of the same or different color: the green of the leaves, the red of the fruits, the yellow of the flowers, the brown of the trunk and so on.
    These games will help our child to develop what are identified as prerequisites of logic, that is, to learn the importance of observing before doing, to understand the type of observation put in place and to make comparisons. To discover many other games and activities to develop logical-mathematical intelligence: Logic for the little ones from the QUID + series.
    While visiting a city, a forest or during a trip to the mountains, look around: you will discover that 'different faces' are hidden in the surrounding reality. The headlights of a car can look like two eyes and the bodywork the mouth of a face. Or, the flowers on a tree can be arranged to form a smiling, joyful face! Or, the clouds in the sky can smile at you as you walk!
    This game stimulates the attention span and creativity, and above all helps the little one to look at things from an always new point of view. To discover many other games and activities to develop creative intelligence: Creativity for the little ones from the QUID + series.
  • Through play and fun, we can stimulate logic skills, attention and observation skills, creativity and much more in the little ones. Playing together naturally and deeply stimulates his different intelligences, learning with fun.

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