4 exercises to prepare for sport and to cool down

Holidays in sight and are you about to immerse yourself in a full sports immersion between tennis matches (or the trendy padel), beach volleyball, swimming, jogging on the beach? Or have you been rowing for a while and want to get back on track with physical activity? For prevent injuries and the most common problems and improve performance, here are 4 exercises recommended by osteopath Giacomo De Carlo. Done before the sport they serve to prevent possible trauma. Immediately after sport, however, they are useful as relaxation and cool-down.

1. Mobilization of the spine

274542Sitting on the gymball (or a chair), feet flat on the ground, alternating retroversion and anteversion of the pelvis 10 times, completing at least 3/4 series.
Then, perform 10 clockwise and counterclockwise arm circles.
Finally, in quadrupedal, extend the opposite leg and arm while keeping the spine aligned parallel to the ceiling. Do 3/4 sets of 10 reps on each side.

2. Elongation of the posterior myofascial cathine

274543Useful exercise to loosen the chain of the postural muscles of the spinal column (back, spine and cervical).
Maintain the posture indicated in the drawing for about 1 minute, 3/4 times, trying to rest the sacrum on the floor and the buttocks well against the wall.
If the tension is too great, reduce it by pulling away from the wall or slightly knees and keep your feet on the hammer.

3. Elongation of the pelvic-trochanteric muscles and the posterior chain

274545With your back on the ground, flex your knee and place your foot against the wall.
The other leg is crossed, with the ankle on the knee in 90 degree flexion.
Hold the buttock stretch position for about 1 minute, breathe with the diaphragm and repeat at least 3/4 times per side.

4. Stretching of the adductor muscles and the antero-internal chain

274546Sitting with the back adherent to the sacrum well resting on the wall Arms in the “candlestick” position, elbows and wrists touching the wall. Chin in retroversion (towards the sternum).
Hold the position for about 1 minute breathing through the diaphragm, without losing contact with the wall, trying to open the knees out until you feel a bearable tension.
Repeat the exercise for at least 3/4 times.

(Drawings by Cristina Raiconi)