4 good reasons to read aloud to children!

4 buoni motivi per leggere ad alta voce ai bambini!

Every time we carve out a space dedicated to reading with our child we make a great gift, both to us and to the little one. But what are the benefits of reading aloud?

Reading aloud does not require any particular skill, other than knowing how to read!

But it brings many benefits, here are the 4 main ones:

  • Strengthen the relationship thanks to the moment of complicity and emotional involvement that is created during the reading, a sort of magic bubble in which we dedicate all your attention to the little one and to what we are experiencing. We are also physically close to the baby: he will feel safe, protected by our reassuring embrace.
  • It develops the child's linguistic intelligence by allowing him to discover new words and their meanings. Even if he does not know all the terms we use, helping him enrich his vocabulary will allow him to develop imagination and imagination.
  • It develops emotional intelligence because it allows the little one to experience new situations in a protected context and check how the characters behave, how they face different challenges and how they react to what happens to them. This helps him to become more competent and aware of his own and others' emotions!
  • Improve our language and communication skills: reading aloud is not only good for children but also for us adults! It allows us to improve ourselves in the technique of reading, to increase our linguistic and communicative competence.
  • In all of this, the voice plays a key role in reading. As the Italian scholar and trainer Andrea Bordin, who developed the NeuroVoiceColors® method, explains to us, “we can all become aware of the power of our voice, so that we can make the best use of it to convey the desired emotions to others. At the heart of the method are the expressive parameters of the voice: properly calibrated, they are able to convey the desired emotion. "

    At what age can we start reading to our children?

    We can start from gestation. In fact, hearing is one of the first senses to develop and already in this phase allows us to distinguish the sounds that have a communicative value (such as the voice of the mother or father) from those that do not (such as the horn of a car or door that closes). Prenatal reading is therefore a healthy habit to lay the foundations of the emotional relationship with mum (and dad!).

    And when should you stop?

    It is essential not to stop reading aloud to the child even when he has learned to do it independently: this will allow him to enrich his path of acquisition of reading and improve quickly, stimulating him to perceive reading as a family activity, part of his everyday life.

    The importance of reading aloud inspired the volume Read aloud in the QUID + series, published by Gribaudo, Feltrinelli group. Thanks to 12 illustrated stories you will discover the different colors of the voice to effectively convey emotions!

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