49 years of Bettarini: the dedications of Nicoletta Larini and Simona Ventura

49 years of Bettarini: the dedications of Nicoletta Larini and Simona Ventura

Stefano Bettarini turns 49, on social the affectionate dedications from his family and his partner Nicoletta

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Stefano Bettarini turns 49, an important milestone that obviously did not go unnoticed by the fans and his closest loved ones who today remember his sporting career, before that on television.

Among the social messages appeared on Instagram the wishes of Simona Ventura who through the stories shared a photo of Stefano Bettarini engaged on the football fields, where he spent most of his youth. Bettarini was a professional footballer in the role of defender playing as a starter in various Italian teams and also playing in the national team in 2004. The social greetings of his ex-wife Simona Ventura recalled his past as a great sportsman:

Having a story, a great privilege. Greetings Steven

Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini were married from 1998 to 2008 and Niccolò and Giacomo were born from their union. The two are on excellent terms. Now Stefano is romantically linked to Nicoletta Larini, with whom he also participated in an edition of Temptation Island in 2018. Nicoletta also published her social greetings for Stefano:

To you who made my life more beautiful! To you who protect me and make me feel loved every day and in this period more than ever. I love everything about you, your smile, your gaze, you are beautiful as hell, you are beautiful inside, you take care of me every day, you make me feel unique!

These are the words of affection used by Nicoletta on Instagram, accompanied by a tender shot that portrays them embraced together. Born in 1994, Nicoletta is the daughter of a former Formula 1 driver. Despite the age difference, the couple appears happy and united more than ever.

Stefano Bettarini has just returned from a flash participation in the current edition of the GF Vip, which ended prematurely due to a sentence deemed incorrect that cost him immediate elimination after only 3 days in the House. In these hours there are rumors of relations at loggerheads with Mediaset due to some statements made by Stefano regarding the transmission conducted by Alfonso Signorini. Whatever the truth, today is the day of celebrations for Stefano, away from television and close to the love of his family and his better half.

Nicoletta Larini on Instagram: best wishes to Stefano Bettarini

Nicoletta Larini on Instagram: wishes full of love for Stefano Bettarini's birthday

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