5 good intentions to start 2019 with the right charge

5 good intentions to start 2019 with the right charge

2019 has now arrived, and it is customary to start the year with good intentions to be better people

It is tradition, every year, to have good intentions to start off on the right foot and kick the mistakes of the past.

Sometimes we manage to keep them, others a little less. And if some, like going to the gym or dieting, are disregarded 99% of the time, others may instead be our 2019 star. How? Looking at things from the right perspective and trying to remain firm and determined about their principles. We will never become perfect and we will continue to make mistakes that we will say next year that we want to avoid in 2020. But here are five good intentions that perhaps it is worth following to start 2019 with a charge of optimism, resourcefulness and happiness.

1. Always try to cut out some time for yourself, at least once a week. Whether it's an evening in front of the television with the cat, a day in a Spa, a jog or reading a book in the park, don't underestimate the time you spend with yourself. Alone. Being always around people is nice, but having the opportunity to have a moment where you only do what you want in the way you prefer, is the best way to be at peace with yourself.

2. Do not get stressed at work and avoid taking it home. Do not read the e-mails outside office hours and do not always think about the many obstacles of your use. One of the major problems of our age is precisely this: and you do not know how much anxiety about work ruins relationships, be they friendship or love.

3. Read more. What kind of books do you like? Pick one and try to finish it, maybe when you're on public transport and you have to move. We spend too much of our life on social networks and the time has come to take our eyes off the PC and the computer.

4. Don't chase anyone anymore. Do not forget this among the good intentions of 2019. Those who do not want you will not want you even more if you keep up with them. Go ahead with your life, learn to accept waste and laugh at it. Someone else will come. There is a limit to the "blue checks" received over the course of a year!

5. Do not take friends for granted and cultivate the relationships you already have. Often you are too busy and taken from your own lives to understand when someone is in trouble, but try to be less focused on yourself and more empathetic towards those around you.

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