5 ideas on how to spend New Year with your partner, if you don't want to leave home

5 ideas on how to spend New Year with your partner, if you don't want to leave home

How to greet the new year by celebrating directly at home, with your own half

New Year is considered by many to be the craziest night of the year, in which to exaggerate, recovering what you have not been able to do during the year. Dancing evenings, balls, midnight baths and literally flowing alcohol.

For some it is really the night of total freedom, for others, instead, it is an alarm bell, especially for couples who, prey to hysteria of jealousy, fear that someone, after an extra cocktail can stretch their hands, making the evening a real nightmare.

The most romantic, on the other hand, eagerly await December 31, to spend together at home, a homey evening, to be organized to perfection, perhaps doing fun activities, to face the arrival of the new year in a softer way.

Whether you are a lover of parties, loud music, crowds waiting to bypass the bodyguard ahead of the club, whether you are looking for healthy home silence, dinners to be enjoyed by counting from the sofa at home, in unison with their television idols, the important thing is to make the night of the 31st something magical.

What are the activities that can be done at home?

  • Table games

Not the simple games in "tic tac toe" style or "names, things, cities", but real Monopoly, Risiko and Trivia sessions, to train your mind, spending time pleasantly accompanied by salty snacks. Discover the mystery of the Cluedo and find the killer or challenge and laws of balance by playing Jenga, taking care to place the brick in the right place, otherwise the whole tower collapses.

  • Videogames

Like board games, but with a bit more sparkle. You can wander from karaoke, testing your singing skills in a challenge to the last note, to musical games, competing at the highest score for the most bizarre dance step. Otherwise, the classic car games or Super Mario always remain inevitable and timeless, the welcome of every party that respects itself.

  • Prepare the dinner together

One way to consolidate the couple, especially in view of a new and prosperous year together, is to take the throat. So the best way is just to make a rich ad hoc menu, prepare it and enjoy it by creating your own personal wedding party. An economic choice, a fun activity to do together and, certainly, respectful of everyone's tastes and preferences. A perfect choice of cheeses and accompanying sauces, various appetizers, a first course, traditional lentils and a good wine to create a unique evening.

  • Invite your friends

Once you have prepared a meal in such quantities as to feed an army, why not invite even the dearest friends who, like you, will not celebrate in any place? Unity is strength and the more one is, the more one has fun. Of course, all the above mentioned activities can be replicated in company: so they can also start marathons of demented films of the 90s and 2000s, from the various "Scary Movie" to the "American Pie".

  • "… and sexy new year!"

Of course, among the couple activities proposed for New Year's Eve to date, the most "spicy" is missing. In a couple, the understanding between the sheets is essential to carry on the relationship, and what better way to start the new year by celebrating yourself and your love?
By the way, an interesting statistical fact: do you know that most of the concepts happen on December 31st?

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