5 natural and little known remedies for pain relief

5 natural and little known remedies for pain relief

There are really unusual pain remedies and, above all, without contraindications

If you have a sore throat, leave syrups and sprays alone: ​​just scratch your ear! According to Dr. Schaffer, in fact, the stimulation of the nerves of the ear causes a reflex to the throat that can give rise to a spasm. This alleviates the hassles.

Everyone can suffer from toothache but it is not essential to resort to analgesics. It is enough to take a little ice and rub it on the back of the hand, between thumb and forefinger. In fact, in this site, several nerve pathways meet, including those of pain. The cold will block these signals and the annoyance will disappear!

Are you afflicted with migraine and have tried any kind of remedy but to no avail? Try pressure therapy: add the thumb and forefinger of the left hand and massage the point of the right hand at the base between the thumb and forefinger for about 2 minutes. The headache will disappear!

A stuffy nose is one of the consequences of colds and allergic rhinitis but getting rid of them can be really easy.
With a finger, apply pressure to the space between the eyebrows and press the tongue towards the palate towards the nose, for about 20 seconds: you will be immediately better.

Sometimes, a simple burn can leave scars.
Instead of resorting to the classic ice pack, gently press the affected area for a few seconds: your skin will gradually return to the right body temperature, reducing the risk of scars and blisters.

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