5 pink garments and to whom they look good according to the rules of armocromia

5 capi rosa

Pink is one of the colors of the year (indeed, perhaps the color of the year), so here are 5 trendy pieces to show off this spring.

One of the trend colors of the year? Pink, in all its shades, facets, variations.

5 pink garments

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Born as a purely feminine nuance and become a neutral – indeed, genderless – color pink is the quintessential symbol of positivity, strong emotions, joy (and chromotherapy tells us so).

There preferred variant by stylists? Fuchsia. But not only. If you don’t believe it, ask Loewe, Dior, at Marine Serre.

And not only that, because Versace this year proposed a fuchsia trouser suit with orange top, Chanel a pink dress with short sleeves and silver details, Kiton a long dress with hood suitable for both day and evening if well accessorized. And we could go on and on.

And if that isn’t enough either, just remember the #ValentinoPinkPPCollection fashion show, entirely inspired by this color.

Pink is more than just a color. This is the emblem of elegance par excellence, somehow writes the etiquette of fashion, fights discrimination.

But at this point, a question arises: who is fine with the pink? Here the armocromia comes into play, which helps us to understand what goes well with our complexion and, above all, with our undertone.

Let’s start by saying that this discipline – yes, it is a real discipline, without too many words – divides people into four categories, also called seasons.

So its purpose is to understand the relationship between colors and complexion, obviously taking into consideration all our chromatic mix, also made up of eyes and hair, not just the skin.

Here then is that the analysis that the armocromia is part of several factors, namely undertone, value, intensity and contrast. To this the “moral” value is also added that a value arouses in us (we have said that pink is a symbol of happiness).

That said, who is pink good for? It depends from its declension. We know that the chromatic range of this color starts from baby pink (the coldest shade) to reach salmon (the warmest one).

It goes without saying that women with warm undertones should prefer the second color, while those with cold undertones for the first.

At this point, here are 5 must-have pink items, which we just can’t do without this spring.

5 pink garments and where to find them

Rosa, what a passion. This is a color that does not go unnoticed – especially in its strongest shades such as fuchsia – and it is suitable for those who want to dare, experiment, get noticed.

Not surprisingly, this year all the catwalks, the shop windows, the streets of every city were colored with this nuance, a symbol of rediscovered joy.

After all, if it is true that fashion reflects what happens in everyday life, it is also true that after the last few years we spent indoors, we now need joy, determination, energy.

And it is no coincidence that right now pink has come to our rescue, to remind us to smile and look to tomorrow with positivity.

But in the sea magnum of garments that the fashion world offers, how can we choose the one that suits us best?

If you don’t know how to move, here are 5 pink items that can be right for you.

And if you particularly love the salmon nuance, here are 5 cheap items that will color the end of this spring.

Blazer dress

The elegance of a blazer, the refinement of a suit. Why choose when can we have them both together, at the same time?

5 pink garments

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So here is a shocking pink blazer dress, suitable for a casual – chic evening. How to combine it? Some silver sandals they will be fine. And he remembers of do not overdo the accessories. After all, the rule of less is more (almost) always applies in fashion.

If this still hasn’t convinced you, know that this garment on Shein costs 17 euros.

Pastel pink suit

A play of lines for a sexy but refined outfit. The tissues appear and disappear, leaving the skin uncovered in the right places and, above all, in the right proportion.

Trendy pink suit

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So here is that this contrast of volumes makes this dress what we need to feel impeccable.

When to wear it? In the evening, when we have to go to a party, for example. With what to combine it? With golden sandals and a bag with references of the same color.

Do you think all this costs a fortune? You’re wrong: on Shein it costs 15 euros.

Dress with thin straps

This dress with thin straps is perfect for elegant evenings, in which the spring breeze is still the host.

Pink dress spring 2022

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Especially suitable to those with an hourglass body, which in this case will be wrapped up and enhanced to the maximum, this garment – which can be purchased on Shein for 8 euros – is both sexy and chic. Seeing is believing.


A very simple short-sleeved shirt is not a suitable garment for a sophisticated outfit, you will think. But that’s not necessarily the case.
Casual pink sweater
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An example? Try wearing it with leather leggings, or with an animalier skirt: in both cases you will be sexy at the right point, without losing naturalness and spontaneity.
And there’s more: this shirt on Shein costs only 6 euros.

Fuchsia mini skirt

The miniskirt is every woman’s best friend, let’s face it. And when it is tinged with fuchsia – the color of spring par excellence, no offense to the Pantone nuance – it is even more so.

Trendy fuchsia mini skirt

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Suitable both during the day – with a very simple top and sneakers, for example – and in the evening – with a crop top and stiletto heels – this skirt is trendy, sensual, but very economical. On Shein it costs 8 euros.

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