5 reasons why reading is a powerful stress reliever

5 reasons why reading is a powerful stress reliever

Books not only stimulate creativity and train memory, but they help us fight anxiety: that's how

Reading stimulates the mind, makes us feel great emotions and is good for health: in fact, books are a powerful anti-stress against the monotony and anxiety of everyday life.

With new stories and emotions to dive into that have the great advantage of making us feel better physically, Book Therapy is by now a well-known thing: devoting time to reading a novel can bring so many benefits to our everyday life, because it trains memory and gives free rein to our imagination.

But not only: here are five reasons why I am a powerful anti-stress.

1. Reading distracts the mind. It happens to be victims of a fixed thought: whether it is a fear or an unreasonable anxiety does not matter, sometimes the mind makes us slaves. But reading can help us escape from negative thoughts and concentrate on other stories and other lives, other than ours. A book is a valuable ally to focus attention on something else.

2. It fights insomnia, often a consequence of stress: going to bed, turning off the phone and immersing yourself in a story helps our mind relax and bring us faster to sleep. But beware of thrillers, which can have the opposite effect in the evening.

3. Helps to find solutions to our problems. No, it's not about magic, but simply identifying with the life of another person, in this case the protagonist of a novel. Even if the problem, and consequently the cause of stress, is different, seeing things from another perspective can be a stimulus to face our problems and find alternative solutions.

4. Reading brings out our emotions and this is a powerful anti-stress, if we are introverted people who tend to hide their feelings. Reading raises strong feelings, which may be the ones we need most to let off steam.

5. It makes us relax, because when we read we cut out a moment just for ourselves. We can do it on public transport, in a bar, but also at home, creating small rituals like preparing a hot herbal tea and sitting in our favorite chair. The place, however, is not so important: it is fundamental to know that we are taking our time.

Therefore, reading not only stimulates our creativity but helps us to be less anxious and stressed people: try to believe.

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