5 things you need to know about face serum

5 things you need to know about face serum

The face serum is still a little used product, but essential for a correct skincare routine. Here's how to make the most of it

The face serum is a product that is still little used or better known. Those who use it regularly, who do not know when to apply it, whether before or after the tonic, if before or after the cream, how it is applied or at what age to use it, is a treatment that generates a lot of confusion. In fact, it is essential for the skincare routine, a true game changer that, depending on the type, helps improve the appearance and tone of the skin. Here are 5 things you need to know about serum!

What is face serum?

Serum is a product that works together with the cream and enhances its effects and results. It acts complementarily, so you can choose to treat skin problems that are not treated with the cream or instead prefer a combination of different products for a shock action. It has a very light texture, often in gel or very fluid and rapid absorption, without the need to massage it for a long time. The active ingredients contained inside are in the highest concentration, we can therefore say that the serum is a real booster.

When is it used and what is the difference with face cream?

In order for the serum to be effective and not to become a wasted product, precise steps must be followed. First of all we proceed with the cleansing of the face, then we move on to the tonic suitable for your skin type. It is at this point that the serum comes into play, which is applied after the tonic but before the face cream.

Compared to face cream, the serum is lighter and acts deeper. In addition, you can choose to apply a serum other than face cream, in order to create a personalized treatment that acts on several fronts. For example, oily skin can choose a purifying face cream and associate a moisturizing face serum, which does not weigh down but brings the right amount of water to the skin. Or you can combine a moisturizing serum, like Action Hyalufill Serum by Mediterranea Cosmetics. It is practical to use because it is versatile, suitable for those who are not very familiar with this type of product, because it can be used both in the morning and in the evening. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it also performs an anti-aging action and at the same time helps to firm up the tissues, plump up the skin and make it uniform. The face cream is applied as a next step and remains more on the surface, acting in sync with the serum which will enhance its effects.

How is the serum applied?

Applying the serum is very simple, you take a small amount and apply it on the face. Serums are usually contained in packs with pump dispenser, easy to dose, or in glass packs with the dropper pipette, if the serum is in a fluid texture. It is gently massaged on the face or tapped, in the case of more liquid formulations, until completely absorbed, which is usually very rapid.

At what age is serum used?

It is never too early to use the face serum, even if the very young can also be satisfied with a simple moisturizing or preventive cream. From 18/20 years, a light and moisturizing serum can be used, especially in cases of skin with imperfections. Instead, it becomes essential with the passing of the years, preferring formulas and above all active with a proven anti-aging effect. The older you get, therefore, the more appropriate it would be to use a serum, also diversifying it between the one for the day, lighter and more protective and the one for the evening, which stimulates cell renewal and regenerates the skin.

Serum, cream and fabric mask, how are they used?

A separate chapter is dedicated to the application of the serum in the event that masks are used. In this case, in fact, after applying the tonic, you can choose to apply a face mask in fabric, easy and quick to use. You will have noticed that inside the package the mask is imbued with a liquid which, in fact, is nothing but serum. Also in this case, choose one according to your needs, for example a mask with a moisturizing and anti-age effect, such as the Action Mask Anti-Age Moisturizing Face by Mediterranea Cosmetics, with an immediate tensing and smoothing effect, also perfect as a pre- makeup. Once the exposure time has passed, the face is not rinsed, but the serum left on the skin is massaged, until completely absorbed. At this point we proceed with the step of the cream, instead skipping that of the serum, because replaced by that contained in the mask.

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