5 trendy, chic and practical outfits for going to work at 30

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Going to work and being fashionable is not always easy, in fact it is often very complicated, so if you are at least 30 years old, here are 5 outfits that can be for you.

To go at work and being glamorous is not always easy. And then it’s summer, it’s hot and we don’t know how to dress to be sober, feminine and fashionable at the same time.

30 years work outfit

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That is why we are continually looking for a practical, comfortable, but still elegant look to show off every time we leave the house and head to our office. Especially when we are 30, we are young women and we are looking for our identity (the one linked to style, of course).

So every night we think about what we will wear the next day, but the right inspiration is always slow in coming.

What can make us feel comfortable in the office, make us chic, but also comfortable at the same time? Here are 5 outfits tailored for you in your 30s and running out of ideas on how to dress at work.

Here are 5 outfits to go to work at 30

Of course, going to work does not mean going out, going to a party, let alone going to a fashion show, but we women at all ages always want to feel our best.

30 years work outfit

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When we are 30, for example, we want a look that is youthful yes, but at the same sophisticated and elegant and this makes our choice extremely difficult. So here are 5 perfect outfits in your 30s to go to the office.

If, on the other hand, you are 50 years old and you have been invited to a wedding, here are 5 other outfits that can be for you.

Long dress and espadrilles

A long dress is what we need to be chic, feminine and refined even in the office. This applies to all ages, but even more than 30 years old: a long dress – perhaps with a belt at the waist – in the summer can become fresh, original and make us look 100% sober.

What to combine it with to go to the office? With espadrilles, typically summer shoes, and a maxi bag perhaps of the same color. Et voilà, the look has served.

Complete trousers and jacket

Of course, in the summer it might not be exactly the best, but often the work environments provide us with a massive dose of air conditioning and we at work want to cover our backs to be as sober as possible.

Here then is this complete – which we could define a classic to the nth degree – can really do for us.

But here comes the summer touch: we can prefer the colors of the season, such as pink, light blue, but we can also opt for a total white, then choosing a top, flat sandals and a colored bag, or black, so as to create the right chromatic detachment which is always good.

Bermuda shorts, blouse and sandals with midi heels

What’s up cooler than Bermuda shorts in the summer? Fresh, comfortable, comfortable: we are faced with the quintessence of glamor combined with elegance.

And then the blouse is chic by definition, so it can enrich this outfit even more by giving it an extra touch of refinement.

How to complete the look? With gods wedge sandals and a nice maxi bag of the same color, perhaps neutral.

White pants, black top and flat sandals

The white pants are among the garments that come closest to the concept of modern elegance. And then we are 30 years old, we are in the summer, we want to be fresh, but at the same time casual – chic.

So here’s our ideal match: black & white, in its summer version white trousers plus top.

Complete the look some very comfortable flat basic sandals, that maybe we could choose a bright nuance to have a touch of color

Sheath dress and sandals with heels

The sheath dress it is very elegant and is suitable for all ages. At 40 it makes us feel comfortable, at 50 it rejuvenates us and at 30? At 30 years old enhances our shapes, it adapts to our body, enhances the hips. But all of this without losing its innate refinement.

To go to work it would be preferable to choose a model with at least short sleeves, so as to cover the shoulders.

That said, what color to choose? A single color without a doubt. Having to go to work we could also think of a total black, but it’s summer, why not dare with a bright color, such as fuchsia, to be combined perhaps with heeled sandals and a black bag?

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