5 trendy low cost items: you can be fashionable with less than 50 euros

5 trendy low cost items: you can be fashionable with less than 50 euros

Being fashionable can cost and not cheap, but we can also find economic alternatives to the garments that we see in high fashion catalogs: here are 5 trendy garments that cost less than 50 euros.

Fashion 2022 teaches us that there are many timeless garments, which we often believe we have forgotten, but which in reality we have only set aside and which sooner or later come back with arrogance to be seen.

5 items less than 50 euros

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This, for example, is the case with mini suits, low-waisted jeans, short cardigans.

This season we find details and silhouettes that date back to the early 2000s, pieces in perfect 60s style, 90s girlie suits.

Give her jumpsuit with cut-out details, passing through palazzo trousers and geometric accessories: all this enriches this year’s fashion.

Not to mention the processes that we can now see in all the windows of the world, that is crochet and tricot.

But fashion is beautiful because it is varied, therefore yes to colored blazers, but also to the return of t – shirts and tank tops, so sporty when trendy.

Not to mention colors that today have only one imperative: stand out. Therefore, dull colors are banned, which will have to leave room for all the brightest nuances that there are, such as yellow, electric blue, fuchsia and so on.

But can we be fashionable on a budget? Sure. So here are 5 trendy items that cost less than 50 euros, but will make us look like something out of a high fashion catalog.

5 trendy items for less than 50 euros

Come on short suits, miniskirts, pleated skirts, fringes, low-waisted jeans from Y2K: all these are the fashion emblems of this spring.

But we can also have them in our wardrobe at a low cost. So here are 5 trendy items that cost less than 50 euros.

If you want to be trendy without breaking the bank, here are 5 other affordable items that can be right for you.

Short suit

The suit is the emblem of spring 2022, but in its “mini” version.

5 items less than 50 euros

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His short brother, in fact, is literally causing a furore, igniting catwalks and streets all over the world.

The girlie version of the more serious suit to be used for days in the office, in fact, it has become part of street style and now has no rivals.

It has now become one of the cornerstones of the season – especially in its tweed version – it can be worn in the form of a suit, or it can be cut into pieces, so that the upper and lower part can form two distinct, separate, but complementary outfits.

This falls into the first case and teaches you that a tweed miniskirt and blazer – which you can find on Shein for only 28 euros – are enough to make you sophisticated, refined and irresistible.


Emblem of femininity, the miniskirt is back with arrogance in the catalogs of the most important designers in the world.

Trendy miniskirt 2022

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The ages change, the seasons pass, but the sun never sets on this garment, that wrote the history of women’s emancipation and today it is still considered a must have.

So here it is a miniskirt with black and white checks cut out, which reminds us that being sensual is often much easier than you think and that it lends itself to many occasions.

Do you want to go to a dinner? Wear it with stiletto heels and a blazer. Do you need it for a party? Wear it with a crop top. Do you want to dare choosing it as an outfit to wear during the day? Yes at – shirt or tank top and sneackers.

In short, use it as you want and consider that on Shein it costs only 8 euros.

Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is the most requested bon ton garment of 2022. We see it everywhere this spring and we will probably see it afterwards too.

5 items less than 50 euros

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Solid color, multicolour, with patterns, checks, stripes: we always like this garment, because it is fine at the right point.

So here is a pastel pink – available on Shein for only 6 euros – that we can use during the day with a tight-fitting or slightly flared shirt, or in the evening with a crop top and heels. More versatile than that.

Shorts with fringes

The fringes? I’m the detail of the season. They are sexy, often ethnic, they remind us that we can indulge in seeing – I don’t see whenever we want.

Shorts with fringes

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And then they are aesthetically very particular and go well with everything. So here is a shorts with fringes, to be worn with a crop top, but also with a tight shirt to tuck inside, or with a cut-out shirt (another seasonal delicacy that we have come to love).

In short, try a sexy chic look with this short, which costs only 12 euros on Shein.

Low waist jeans

Let’s face it, not all low-rise jeans are missing. We had finally found the high-waisted ones among the fashionable courses and resorts and that was enough for us.

5 items less than 50 euros

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The high-waisted trousers highlight the waist, hide any flaws on the hips, streamline.

The low-rise ones show so-called rolls (which come out even if you don’t have them if they are very tight), do not highlight the waist and they don’t look good at all.

Yet thanks to Y2K fashion we find them on the catwalks – and beyond – all over the world. But this time, don’t worry: the high-waisted trousers can continue to stay in our closet, because this time we won’t forget them.

We will find a way to make them coexist peacefully, so why not try to buy a very cheap low-rise jeans, which on Shein costs only 18 euros? Maybe it’s the right time that we begin to love them.

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