5 tricks to apply foundation you didn’t know you needed

5 tricks to apply foundation you didn't know you needed

Applying the foundation is certainly not difficult, but to make the face base perfect, natural and with a second skin effect, try these 5 easy tricks

No, today we don’t want to explain how to apply the foundation, because you probably already know that and, above all, it’s not that difficult. But if you want a perfect face base, covering but imperceptible, which does not create thickness and a greasepaint effect, which lasts all day and which recreates a second skin effect, but perfecting it, these 5 tricks to apply the foundation will help you get it.

blonde girl putting foundation

Use the fixing spray, but not only at the end of your make-up

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You will have heard many times about fixing spray or thermal water to be vaporized at the end of the make-up, as the last final step to seal it and make it last longer. It is true that this is, especially for the fixing spray, the most widespread use, but if you want your face base to be perfect and flawless, try to use it even before and during make-up, practically vaporize it at every step. Once your skin has been cleansed, spray the fixing spray or thermal water on your clean face, apply the serum, cream or products you usually use for your skincare, then spray the fixing spray. In this way you will not only give an extra boost of hydration to the skin but you will seal this hydration so that it is not lost during the day. If you choose a mattifying fixing spray, then, you will immediately eliminate the greasy patina and help rebalance the production of sebum, an essential step therefore for those who tend to polish themselves quickly. The skin will be smooth and ready to apply the foundation, which will last longer.

natural foundation natural face base

Once the foundation is applied, before applying the powder, vaporize the fixing spray again. A little is enough, but that little will seal each layer of your face base making sure that it adheres better to the skin, blending each layer of product with the previous one and increasing not only its yield, more natural and uniform, but also its duration. . Now apply the powder in the T-zone or wherever you prefer and only now, as a last step, vaporize the fixing spray to eliminate the slightly dusty effect of the powder, making sure that each step of the face base is perfectly aligned with the previous one.

foundation type

The make-up for a moisturizing face base and a second skin but covering effect

Among all the tricks to apply the foundation perhaps this is the one that will make you fall in love and that you will never leave, especially to make your makeup in the morning. If you don’t like applying the foundation for the fake effect on the face, if you prefer light face bases but at the same time you want to even out the skin, if you are a fan of no makeup makeup, or makeup that is there and not seen or if you want a “second skin” effect, that is like a second skin and almost imperceptible to the naked eye, what you need is a face serum.

freckled blonde girl applies face serum

For this trick you will need a light and fluid serum, quickly absorbed, possibly a moisturizing serum that does not have a composition of the ingredients too rich and, strictly speaking, that does not contain oils. Simple hyaluronic acid or an energizing and toning serum will do just fine. Apply a little foundation on your hand and add a few drops of serum, blend and apply with your fingers or a brush, then admire the magic.

The serum allows the foundation to blend perfectly with the skin, in doing so the pigments will correct discoloration, redness and even out the complexion but the formula of the product will not remain on the surface. Result? A very light but covering face base will not even look like you have applied the foundation since it will look natural. Obviously it is a useful makeup with more full-bodied foundations or covering fluids, while if you already use a tinted cream or a serum foundation you will not need this step.

girl curry pale skin smooth skin

The powder brush is the ultimate tool for applying foundation

You know the famous so-called “airbrushed” effect or as if you had applied the foundation with an airbrush? The foundation is almost imperceptible as the formula is thin and blends with the skin. If you want to recreate this effect without an airbrush and with products you already have at home, try applying foundation with a powder brush. Yes, you heard right, but not just any powder brush. For this technique we leave aside the big and very round brushes, you need a smaller and more compact powder brush, flatter.

Nabla Cosmetics Good Glow Brush

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Applying the foundation with a compact brush allows you to obtain greater coverage but it is also necessary to use more product, because having no soft and long bristles, the product must be dabbed and not dragged, as it is necessary to apply the foundation with a brush from face powder. In fact, you will notice that with this method of application the foundation blends perfectly with the skin, conforming to the complexion and smoothing out the complexion, without it being visible.

mature woman natural makeup brush face powder

Less is more: much better to proceed step by step

Another trick to apply the foundation perfectly, important to keep in mind and as banal as it is effective, is to proceed step by step. “Less is More”, as Coco Chanel said, is once again an effective motto and not to be forgotten. There is no need to use a lot of foundation or, if there is any, you can always do a second application. Take a little product and place it on the back of your hand, then take a tip of foundation with the brush, fingers or sponge and start to spread it from the center of the face outwards.

In this way you will avoid throwing and wasting foundation or wanting to apply it at all costs all over the face because otherwise you will have to throw it away. First finish all the little you have on your hand, work it well on your face and only then decide whether to apply a little more, only where it is needed. In this way your face base will be light, second skin effect, without product accumulation or greasepaint effect.

foundation application

It doesn’t matter how you apply it: this is the last step before the powder

Whether you apply the foundation with your fingers, with a brush or with a sponge, this step is essential for a perfect, smooth and above all not heavy face base. Once you have applied the foundation with your preferred method of application, take a slightly moistened blender, it must not be too wet, which you will use only for this step (so it cannot be the one with which you applied the foundation). Tap it and dab it all over your face to eliminate brush streaks, areas where you can see some fingerprints and to eliminate any excess product accumulated.

girl applies beauty blender foundation

The skin, in fact, cannot absorb more than a certain amount of foundation, which, remaining on the surface, oxidizes or accumulates in the pores, in the natural folds of the face and in the fine lines. Passing a sponge therefore not only removes streaks caused by the method of application, but also eliminates the excess that over the hours would accumulate, create lumps, separate from the rest of the face base and create shine and greasiness.

Asian girl applies sponge foundation

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