5 ways not to lose your tan

5 ways not to lose your tan

How not to lose the tan? Here are the best remedies

Losing your tan is a problem that torments many women, especially at the end of the summer holidays and after reaching the long-awaited desired results related to sunbathing. Exposure to the sun is healthy for the body, as it is able to synthesize vitamin D, but precautions must always be taken to avoid obtaining the opposite effects, since prolonged exposure to UV rays could damage the skin and cause rashes and sunburn. But when you finally manage to achieve the perfect complexion, some simple and useful precautions must be used to maintain the tan after the holidays. First of all is hydration: in order not to lose your complexion it is very important to make sure that the skin does not dry out. It is therefore a good omen to give the right nourishment to the skin, by regularly applying moisturizers.

Secondly, in order to promote the right nourishment of the skin, the habit of drinking a lot of water, the main responsible for the right hydration of the body, should not be underestimated. The water, in fact, not only allows to deeply nourish the skin, but at the same time guarantees a purifying and draining action for the body. Taking this correct habit will allow you to get rid of excess waste and toxins and your skin will always remain soft and radiant. It is very important to always drink during meals and during the day, especially if it is hot and muggy days. If, on the other hand, you are outside, it is advisable to always carry bottles of water with you, so as to always bring the right amount of liquids to your body. It is therefore recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Just like water, nutrition also plays a fundamental role for a longer lasting tan and to always keep the skin colorful and radiant. Healthy foods, in fact, help to maintain one's tan, while giving all the nourishment that the skin needs. It is therefore very important to try to follow a healthy and balanced diet. First of all, prefer fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in vitamins, lycopene and flavonoids. For example, tomatoes, melons, carrots, peaches and apricots are the ideal foods for promoting tanning. Integrating these foods on a regular basis within your diet will allow you to guarantee strong beneficial properties for your skin. In a short time, in fact, the skin will be smooth and soft, with a perfect complexion.

Another suggestion not to lose the tan and maintain the desired complexion is to avoid perfumes. The latter, in fact, sometimes contain a high rate of alcohol which can help dry and damage the skin. As a consequence, redness and irritation may also occur, but also the presence of numerous spots and here your complexion could be completely ruined. The same applies to very aggressive products which in the long run could cause serious skin irritation, especially if it is particularly delicate. Therefore it is recommended to always resort to the use of natural products that can penetrate deeply into the skin without damaging or ruining it. It is also a good omen to regularly apply a scrub that promotes the elimination of dead skin cells, in order to obtain a completely regenerating and moisturizing action.

A little trick to keep your tan longer is to always use an after-sun. However, it should be considered that most of these products could prove harmful to the skin, since they could contain harmful substances that would irritate the skin, especially if it is very sensitive. Therefore after a prolonged exposure to UV rays, in addition to the use of moisturizing creams and sun creams, it is recommended to regularly apply an after-sun, making sure that it is a completely natural product, without adding fragrances that could prove aggressive for the skin and would damage your tan. In this regard, one of the most recognized products capable of bringing numerous beneficial properties for the skin is undoubtedly the aloe vera gel. Constantly applying it will help keep your skin hydrated and colorful.

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