5 ways to match your mini bag in summer and be original

mini bag abbinare

The mini bag is this season’s must-have (but it has been for a while), but we need to know what we can combine it with: here are 5 looks that you can take inspiration from.

The mini bag it will certainly not be the most practical bag that the fashion world offers, but still remains one of the accessories we cannot do without.

mini bag to match

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Can’t hold cell phone, house keys, wallet, etc etc at the same time? And who cares, it’s still cool to the nth degree.

Colored, single color, sparkling, our mini bags can become our best summer outings companions.

Bright textures, illustrated surfaces and glittery finishes: we have found our micro bags in all sauces and in all fashion shows for a couple of seasons already (and we love this).

Do not you believe it? Look at those proposed by Dior in the neon version, or those by Chanel, elegant to the nth degree, or even those by Giorgio Armani drop and class like few others.

So let them be fanny packs, water bottles, bags it doesn’t matter: your mini-bag will always be by your side, but pay attention to how you combine it. The secret is to find the “right one”.

And so here are 5 ways to combine the mini bag and be cool to the nth degree.

How to combine the mini bag to be original

Standing out from the crowd is good, contrary to what many think. We don’t necessarily have to homologate to those around us and even the fashion world knows this, so much so that we continually propose more and more “particular” trends.

mini bag to match

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By now fashion has broken down – and is continuing to break down – many taboos, managing to make itself within everyone’s reach.

Even our mini bag can become an original garment, just understand which garments we can combine it with. So here are 5 ideas that can be right for you.

And if you are a fan of the cropped blazer, one of the must-haves of the season, you should know that you should wear it like this.

XXS mini bag worn as a belt (or pouch)

Our mini bag can become so small that it can be used instead of a belt (or a pouch).

So we open the doors to the fanny packs that become belts and to the belts that are transformed into fanny packs.

Here it is our mini bags become smart to the nth degree and they teach us that small does not mean of little value, but on the contrary, often the smaller the accessory, the greater its dose of charm.

What can we combine it with? With a very simple jeans, for example, or a white trousers and a colored top.

Mini bag, white trousers and crop top

The contemporary mini bags are a riot of glamor, mixed with innate elegance, to which we can add a pinch of rigor.

Here then we can aim on an extremely simple model – the classic one, simply small in essence – and make this simple accessory the center of our outfit.

Let’s add to this perfect ingredient a white trousers and a crop top, maybe with flat sandals if we go out during the day and with a pair with stiletto heels if we go out in the evening and that’s it.

Vertical mini bag and trapeze dress

The vertical box in Prada leather has given way to a series of vertical mini bags that we can no longer do without.

Together with them, all geometric shapes, such as circular, rectangular, cylinder and so on and so forth.

Warning: here we are handling an accessory with a high level of glamor, so we must take care of it and choose the outfit with extreme detail.

We can therefore wear a simple, basic, but always in vogue one-color A-line dress – maybe all yellow, to give a touch of light in summer – with flat sandals. We can play on the chromatic contrast, choosing for example a minibag and shoes in a dark color, such as midnight blue. Et voilà, the look has served.

Mini – mini bag, mini skirt and mini top

A whole outfit mignon size? Done. Have you ever seen the Chanel bag, ultra-small format? In short, if you haven’t, run right away and have a look.

We can define it a jolly accessory, so small that it can barely contain the mobile phone, so cool that it can give a touch of class to the whole look by itself.

The result? A casual – chic allure at the right point. This model – let’s remember, which never hurts – actually has much older origins than Chanel: it was Jacquemus who launched it on the market several years ago, with its “Chiquito” version, the most popular bag that social networks have ever had the honor of hosting.

What does this mini – model combine with in summer? With everything that is (equally, but perhaps not too much) mini.

Yes, then to miniskirts, crop tops and so on and so forth. Not a fan of the mignon (net of your it bag)? So opt for the mini – maxi contrast: wear palazzo trousers, a tuck-in and flared top and slingbacks and you’ll be ready to have all eyes on you.

Girlie minibag, denim shorts and t – shirt

What’s more girlie than a minibag in itself? Nothing, we could say. But what if we told you that there are models – even a little posh – that have an innate aura even more girlie?

So yes to geometric models with round handles, for example, ed in bright shades like fuchsia.

So you will have at your disposal an absolutely fresh, youthful, original model. How to combine it? With denim shorts and a t – shirt to go out during the day. Comfortable, comfortable and practical complete the look of the sneakers.

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