5 ways to wear the oversized blazer this spring

5 ways to wear the oversized blazer this spring

Oversized blazers are the undisputed must-have of spring 2022, but do you know how you could wear them? If you run out of ideas, here are 5 for you.

Blazers are the real stars of spring 2022 fashion and have reigned supreme on catwalks around the world for months now.

oversized blazer wear

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It is above all the oversized ones, with an almost masculine cut that govern the trends of this season.

In contrast – but also to compensate – these garments, there are the reminiscences of the 60s given by the short Jackie Kennedy-style box jackets that have depopulated on the catwalks of the most iconic brands.

But box jackets certainly won’t be offended if we admit that oversized blazers are the kings of the year.

The demonstrates Alexander McQueen who embellished them with couture elements, with voluminous sleeves and jewels literally sewn on.

But they are too Chanel blazer dresses, double-breasted, in strictly masculine fabric, for a sexy, glamorous and decidedly chic final result.

Similarly, to give a sexy connotation was also Anthony Vaccarello, who was freely inspired by the fashion icon Paloma Picasso for her long blazers suitable for being feminine, yet elegant at the same time.

But how can we wear oversized blazers this spring to always be on top? Here are 5 outfits.

Here’s how to wear the oversized blazer this spring

Wearing oversized blazers is simple, but doing it the “right” way – where correct stands for fashion – is much less so.

oversized blazer wear

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How can you work around this problem? With these 5 outfits created ad hoc starting from this garment.

If, on the other hand, you are a super fan of black, here’s how you can recreate outfits of this color in spring.

Blazer, shorts and t – shirt

Fresh, practical, youthful, this outfit is perfect to be worn especially during the day, but in reality, being extremely versatile, you could also choose it in the evening.

All depends on the accessories you choose: if you wear it with sneakers, you could wear it for example for a lunch with friends on Saturday, if instead you opt for sandals with heels, it will also be perfect for a dinner out, not too formal.

Blazer and sheath dress

The oversized volumes of the blazer compensate to perfection the “minimal” ones of the sheath dress.

Here’s why this it’s the perfect combo. And there’s more, because to make this look flawless, you could also play on colors.

For example, you could choose an all-black suit with a single-color blazer with a bright hue (fuchsia, red, yellow and so on), or even multicolour (for example, with a particular pattern).

And it doesn’t end there, because to complete the outfit you could opt for bright accessories, such as silver or gold shoes and a bag.

Which footwear to choose? Sandals with stiletto heels, for example.

Blazer, skinny trousers and top

The blazer with skinny trousers – even jeans is fine – and a top, rigorously tucked inside, gives life to a very basic, casual but always sophisticated outfit.

You can also decide to opt for a total black, with only the colored blazer, to create an extremely sophisticated chromatic detachment.

Also in this case, the declination of the look is made by the accessories. If you opt for shoes with stiletto heels and more or less showy jewels, you can focus on this outfit even in the evening.

If, on the other hand, you choose simple sneakers and accessories, you can easily use it during the day, perhaps for a day out with the family.

Blazer, mini skirt and crop top

The blazer, combined with the miniskirt and the crop top, is what we need to better face the first hot days.

The oversized garment marries perfectly and covers to the right point everything that the miniskirt and the crop top leave uncovered.

Ideal especially for going to a party, this outfit will allow you to be sexy at the right point.

Blazer like a suit

When we talk about oversized blazers and how to wear them, we must necessarily think about the case in which these become real clothes.

Yves Saint Laurent made this choice (along with many of her colleagues) and many women all over the world have done it too.

In this way the blazer – a garment generally worn to cover, wrap, warm – becomes a fashion element on its own, without needing anything to shine.

The result? A pretty dress short, elegant, trendy, sexy. The classic serious garment, to be worn for days in the office, thus becomes suitable for the most diverse occasions.

Is this look suitable for all women? Not exactly. It is a who wants to dare and is not afraid to do so.

Obviously if you want to go for this choice, you should choose a garment that is long enough, since it will still have to cover the areas of the body that cannot remain uncovered (and it is quite clear what they are).

Having said that, don’t be afraid to experiment with color: let them be neutral colors, bright tones, pastel shades, everything can be fine, it just depends on subjective taste.

But there is one thing: if the result should still be a too short garment, there is always plan b, which consists wearing shorts or a tight miniskirt from underneath, that you can hardly see.

Likewise, if the oversized blazer should be too low-cut, Just wear a bandeau bra, a crop top, or a bodysuit from underneath.

How to complete the outfit? With stiletto heels it would be ideal. The perfect shoe? The décolleté.

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