7 hormone diet, you lose weight and toxins in three weeks

Developed by US gynecologist Sara Gottfried, this diet allows you to lose weight and reactivate the metabolism by rebalancing the hormonal structure

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The 7 hormone diet is a diet that allows you to lose weight, to reactivate the metabolism and to detoxify the body in about three weeks.

The scheme in question, drafted by Dr. Sara Gottfried, was effectively illustrated in the book The 7 hormone diet, published in Italy by the publisher Sperling & Kupfer. Gottfried has experimented the principles of the diet first of all on herself, managing to lose several kilograms and to maintain the result achieved after a period of strong work stress and approaching the state of burnout.

As a result of this experience he has developed a theory that sees some hormones as the main causes of weight gain. What exactly? Insulin, leptin, estrogens, growth hormone, testosterone, thyroid hormone, cortisol. According to the studies of Dr. Gottfried, to lose weight it is necessary to work to restore an optimal balance from the hormonal point of view, so as to give the body an effective way to burn calories.

To achieve this balance, Gottfried recommends removing certain foods for a certain period of time. In the specific case of insulin, the temporary elimination of sugars is recommended, while to rebalance leptin and thyroid hormones it is advisable to suspend the consumption of cereals for three days. Continuing with the other hormones, remember that to reset the effects of estrogen it is important to avoid alcohol and meat intake for three days. What to say about growth hormone? That to improve its efficiency it is advisable to exclude dairy products for three days from the diet.

Thanks to this diet it is possible to considerably reduce the load of toxins present in the body. In fact, the scheme recommends three days for the elimination of packaged foods, fries and foods rich in refined sugars. With this approach, according to Gottfried's theories it is possible to reset the action of testosterone. Finally, we remind you that to balance the action of cortisol, caffeine suspension is recommended for three days.

To obtain results, it is advisable to focus on all the elimination stages just mentioned. Once the cycle is complete, the various foods can be reintroduced gradually. Dr. Gottfried suggests paying close attention to the reactions of the body, such as the possible onset of abdominal bloating and the desire for sugar.

We conclude by presenting the hypothetical menu of those who follow the 7 hormone diet. The day can start with a cup of green tea, an omelette prepared with 3 eggs, about 70 grams of asparagus and about a pound of chopped spinach to be seasoned with coconut oil. For lunch, a detox shake made with almond milk and 70 grams of chopped cabbage is fine. To these foods it is possible to add 180 grams of pepper and about 30 grams of raw cashews.

For dinner you can instead orient yourself towards a slice of salmon, an excellent source of good fats, to be accompanied with about 150 grams of broccoli. It can be combined with a mixed salad topped with a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Before starting this diet it is essential to seek advice from your doctor.

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