8 vegetables you should definitely eat

8 vegetables you should definitely eat

Some vegetables stand out from others for their health benefits. An update on those to urgently add to your basket, with Raphaël Gruman, dietitian-nutritionist.

Do you love vegetables but have trouble making a choice on the shelves? Good news: in an article in The Conversation, Dr Swarajit Sarkar, lecturer in nutrition at the University of London (England) has drawn up a list of the best plants to eat for health.

Spinach, lettuce or even watercress: green vegetables are preferred

According to Dr Swarajit Sarkar, certain vegetables should be favored on the plate, because they would help preserve your health and protect you from certain diseases.

These include:

  • Spinach ;
  • Arugula;
  • Romaine lettuce;
  • Watercress;
  • Swiss chard;
  • Du chou kale;
  • Green cabbage;
  • And finally, packchoi.

The latter would be particularly rich in fiber, vitamins (A, B, E, C and K) and minerals (iron, copper, potassium, calcium, etc.).

They would also make it possible to stock up on antioxidants, helping to protect the body from free radicals and thus reducing the risk of diseases (cancers, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.).

Vegetables rich in vitamin B9

If green vegetables are so praised by Dr Sarkar, but also by the scientific press, it is because they are full of “essential nutrients“, estimates Raphaël Gruman.

Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin B9, which is very important for the body. It is also essential in pregnant women, for the development of the fetus, particularly the brain.“, relate-t-il.

Another benefit of green leafy vegetables:They are very rich in antioxidants, molecules which have anti-cancer actions.“, specifies the specialist, before concluding: “Even if these vegetables are particularly interesting from a nutritional point of view, other vegetables should not be forgotten!“.

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