A 7-year-old boy saves his mother by calling the fire department

A 7-year-old boy saves his mother by calling the fire department

It’s a story her mom will probably remember for a very long time. Victim of an illness at her home, she owes her life to her 7-year-old son who contacted the firefighters, who were able to arrive in time to help her.

Discovering his unconscious mother, a worried 7-year-old boy instinctively called the fire department to help her.

An exemplary story reported by the Yvelines firefighters

It is the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Yvelines (SDIS 78) which posted on the social network X (formerly Twitter) an audio extract of this call received on July 13. We can hear the little guy report, with cold blood, the fact that his mother seems to have felt unwell.

Hello, my mother can’t wake up. Come… (he gives his address)” immediately indicates the child on the phone. Then without disassembling, the boy gives other information, such as the age of his mother. He even manages to put her on her side, in a lateral safety position (PLS) on the advice of the firefighter online, after having checked that she was breathing.

“Congratulate him from us, it’s very good what he did”

The little boy is also instructed by the firefighter to find a neighbor, waiting for them to arrive. Mission accomplished again, a neighbor takes over, a few seconds later. Once on the line with the neighbour, the firefighter checks the mother’s state of health with her again, before asking her to congratulate the young boy on his initiative.

You watch her, the firefighters arrive. Once the firefighters are there, you can congratulate his son. I think it’s thanks to him“adds the operator, touched by what has just taken place. The very moving extract made many Internet users react. The prefect of Yvelines even praised the “heroic and remarkable” behavior of the child.

Teach children how to react in an emergency

Asked by our colleagues from Parisianthe firefighter, Florent Boubet, says: “I was lucky to have the call of a serene child, who takes it almost like a game. I adapted my dialogue with him, I took a calm tone, and I congratulated him on each gesture made. I didn’t realize it during the call but when it was over I realized he was 7 years old and it was amazing.”

Before concluding : “If I had one piece of advice to give to parents, it would be: train your children like this, because the danger is with everyone, if tomorrow it happens to you and you are alone with your child, it may be be he who can save you”.

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