A cup of this drink a day allows you not to gain weight

A cup of this drink a day allows you not to gain weight

According to the results of a study, there is a simple way to avoid gaining weight: drink a cup of unsweetened coffee every day. But be careful, with the slightest addition of sugar, this beneficial effect will be lost.

This is a study that might inspire you to drink a cup of sugar-free coffee every day. Indeed, according to the results of this work, this simple habit would prevent you from gaining weight.

Relationship between coffee consumption habit and weight gain?

American researchers compiled health data from three cohort studies carried out on nurses. Participants completed questionnaires on the foods and drinks consumed during the study.

The researchers particularly focused on the relationship between coffee drinking habits and changes in body weight over a four-year period. They notably examined in detail the consumption of coffee and decaffeinated drinks but also the addition of sugar or cream to the beverage.

Adding sugar negates weight benefits

The result: One cup of unsweetened coffee per day was associated with a decrease of 0.12 kilograms in body weight over a four-year period. Weight loss was less for volunteers who sweetened their coffee (by a teaspoon), losing only 0.09 kilograms over the same period.

On the other hand, the addition of cream had no effect on weight. The scientists also noted that this association was greater in younger people or those considered overweight or obese.

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Do not exceed four to five coffees per day

Asked about these conclusions, Dr Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist, is not surprised: “A teaspoon of sugar per day, added to a coffee, results in 16 additional calories per day. Over a year, this adds one kilogram to the scale” he explains. “As coffee is a hot drink, it is possible that without sugar, it accelerates weight loss through thermogenesis”. He also notes some limitations to this study. “In this work, apart from the fact that this is a correlation and not a causal link, we can assume that the existing bias would also relate to the fact that people who do not sweeten their coffee are also those who are the most vigilant against at their weight”. In any case, finally, he reminds that in terms of caffeine, you should not exceed four to five espressos per day.