A father's refusal is more painful than anything else

A father who rejects his own child creates an immense pain, more than that of a mother

Those who lived it, know well the rejection and the innumerable feelings of pain and frustrations connected to the lack of love of their father.

Feeling rejected by your parents creates significant damage in the heart and soul of people. This condition, so difficult and painful, becomes almost irreversible when the father rejects a child.

The greatest damage occurs during the adolescent period, when a father rejects his own child, this action not only leaves an immense emotional void but also affects psychological development in youth.

The lack of the father figure in fact causes a real incapacity in dealing with balance and lucidity that which is the most delicate phase in absolute of the life of everyone of us, the adolescence.

It is not just a question of the lack of love or attention but of the absence of what is a real fixed point in the stages that mark the personality of the individual.

The father is for every child an image of protection and of the heart but not only, he represents the rules and disciplines: an example to throw those who will then become the cornerstones of his education.

When a father rejects his own child, all this fails and the consequences strongly affect the formation of character.

In fact, the paternal figure is not only a guide to confront, but also with whom to clash. It is from this connection between father and son that the child's personality is stimulated.

Even if the father does not give birth and does not breastfeed, and therefore does not have that invisible bond that exists between mother and child since conception, his role is crucial during the growth phase for the formation of the child's character.

A boy who grows with the presence of his father in life is stimulated to grow, to confront and to compete. Even if a parent is away on business or personal choices, he must never forget that his role is fundamental in his son's life.

A father who refuses his own child performs a very serious act that will forever change the emotional, character and personal aspect of those boys destined to pay the consequences forever.

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