A green Befana sock? It’s possible: here’s how to make it happen

A green Befana sock?  It's possible: here's how to make it happen

Ecological, zero waste and environmentally friendly: it is the green Befana sock!

After Christmas, Epiphany is also a time when we tend to give away things that are not needed or to go into unnecessary purchases. Here is a small guide to making a green Befana sock!

How to make a green Befana sock: choose the right sock

Even the sock itself can be more or less environmentally friendly! In some houses (mine is one of these), the stocking of the Befana has been the same for years, it always fills up from children to adults. Basically, you only bought it once and you don’t need to buy it newer every year, just fill it up. Why am I telling you this? Because on the market, especially for the little ones, you can find pre-packaged Befana socks everywhere, full of sweets and treats, but whose wrapping is disposable. Better to use, even for children, a real sock, which they can then wear, inside which they can find, in addition to their partner, the gifts they will like most.

  green Befana sock

How to make a green Befana sock: not just sweets

Inside the sock you can also put not only sweets: seasonal fruit, such as tangerines and kiwis, but also dried fruit, dates, almonds and so on and so forth. Especially for the little ones they are excellent alternatives to the trainload of chocolates and various candies that will probably last until Easter!

How to make a green Befana sock: a useful gift

Why not find a useful gift in the sock? A book, colored pens, pencils and markers for school, notebooks, but also a subscription to your favorite magazine or a ticket for an experience to do together. In these difficult and pandemic times, spending quality moments with those we love can be the best gift.

How to make a green Befana sock: a gesture is worth more than a gift

There are many charities that offer help and meals to those who need it most: why not make our children aware of giving to others, instead of just receiving? A gift that they can give to other less fortunate children, the idea of ​​making a gesture of value for others, is not only a good example that we are giving them, but it is the most socially sustainable and waste free we can achieve!

  green Befana sock

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