A healthy life … with the art of Pilates

A healthy life ... with the art of Pilates

A simple and effective method of listening to your body and giving it back the resistance it needs

Do you lead a busy life marked by tight rhythms but which are the only way to better manage your home, work, children and social life? Sometimes, even where the mind can still, it is the body that gives up; at other times they simply both throw in the towel and bend at a simply too tight pace. But don't worry! To regain psycho-physical balance, nothing better than a few weekly Pilates sessions!

Pilates is an art of which there is little consideration in our country (especially among young people) and that only in recent years has it started to spread. No surprise that it is underestimated: being very different from the classic gym course we are used to. In fact, these are frenetic courses that push us to be faster, stronger to go beyond ourselves and not to listen to our body and mind when they tell us that they can't take it anymore.
But Pilates is not like this: it is not a hymn to speed, to push the body beyond its limits and consequently to stress it even more, as if what we do throughout the day was not enough …

And so by constantly following some lessons, you will find after a short time that you have acquired a series of physical benefits: better posture, more elastic and resistant muscles, especially that of the trunk, adductors and abdominals, called Power House and greater balance . In a nutshell, you will no longer have the hassle of bending over to pick something up, sitting on a sofa too low or straining your back to lift a weight slightly above your reach. It is even recommended for pregnant women, even the beautiful Canalis has practiced it despite her belly, as she shows on her social networks. However, it is always good to consult your doctor and a good instructor before starting a course in pregnancy.

There is also talk of mental benefits that this discipline brings: detach for an hour from the classic daily tram tram, enter a room where you are encouraged to move slowly, to follow the rhythm of your body based on breathing, and to respect your limits, discovering that lesson after lesson are more and more distant. Are you not already feeling more relaxed? Therefore, as they say, tempting does no harm! But if you are constant and dedicate the right time to this fascinating discipline, you will not regret it and your body and mind will thank you, gratifying you in everyday life.

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