A month without Paolo Rossi, his wife Federica: "Over time, the pain increases"

A month without Paolo Rossi, his wife Federica: "Over time, the pain increases"

One month after the death of Paolo Rossi, his wife Federica Cappelletti in an open-hearted interview tells about herself: love, daughters and plans for the future

Paolo Rossi funeral, affection and emotion for greeting a great champion

"The more time passes, the more the pain increases", said Federica Cappelletti, wife of Paolo Rossi, exactly one month after the death of the unforgettable World Champion of the Italian national football team. The journalist and mother of the footballer's youngest daughters gave an interview to the Gazzetta dello Sport in which she faced every aspect of life together with her great love. A couple with an indissoluble bond, born after a sudden and shocking love at first sight, like a novel of yesteryear.

Paolo Rossi passed away on 9 December 2020 after having fought, with the strength that has always distinguished him, against an incurable disease that left him no way out. “The more time passes, the more tiring everything becomes, because the awareness of its absence grows. We lack her intelligence, her smile and her advice ”, said Federica Cappelletti trying to explain – in words – her great loss.

The footballer's wife told how their daughters, Maria Vittoria, 10 and Sofia Elena, 8, reacted. Although small, the girls proved to be very mature for their age, but of course there was no lack of moments in which they cry for the loss of their beloved father. "They wonder why it happened – Federica Cappelletti said in the interview – together we are making a journey. The warmth of the people makes us feel less alone and gives us strength ”.

And it is thanks to the people who are close to her and her daughters that the pain becomes more bearable. The footballer's wife spoke of the gestures of solidarity of Bucine's fellow citizens, of the closeness of all the 1982 World Champions. Paolo Rossi was in contact with his loyal colleagues through a chat, and now Federica has taken his place. "I understood that between them it is as if they were all brothers".

A look at the past, but also many projects for the future with which Paolo Rossi's wife intends to pay homage to her beloved husband, recovering important pieces of his history and what he has represented for the country. He is working to recover the Italy-Brazil shirt worn by the football player in 1982, but he is also evaluating many proposals including films, TV series, a museum and a Juventus initiative, all dedicated to Paolo Rossi.

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