"A mother knows": in the library the whole truth of Elena Santarelli

In bookstore the truth book by Elena Santarelli "A mother knows it", on the battle against the tumor of her son Giacomo. Which convinced the mother to write it to help the other sick children

The truth book by Elena Santarelli, A mother knows, is finally in the library, from Tuesday 22 October 2019. The showgirl, excited, introduced him to Milan, explaining, among other things, how it was Giacomo himself who convinced her to write it, "to help the other sick children".

The book, published by Piemme, tells the story of the fight against Giacomo's cancer, from diagnosis, to treatment, to remission. A story of pain, fatigue, anger, but also of friendship, courage and solidarity.

Santarelli told the presentation:

There are mothers who struggle despite knowing that their children will not make it and they will leave after a few months. This is why I am not a great mother, there are others behind me much bigger

My son had a tumor. Like his, there are 400 cases a year in Italy. I didn't show up today after the storm ended, but I lived in that damn storm. I could stay at home and keep quiet, but I chose to be there, to be available, to talk, to make everyone aware of the Heal project, the non-profit organization that funds the care and research of pediatric neuro-oncology, to buy machinery, to make the good

A book that was born to give voice to all the mothers who have to face this tough battle, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the Heal project that supports the research and treatment of childhood brain tumors.

I had a thousand doubts about writing this book or not. But when I explained to Giacomo that the proceeds would go to charity he told me: "Do it, Mom. You always do things right. But I want to read it

Elena in an interview tells Chi how Giacomo is today:

Today he goes to school, plays paddle, he makes me angry enough when he doesn't study, he's curious and asks a thousand questions and I believe that in his head there is the maturity of a child … of thirty years. I don't want to forget anything about what happened, but now we have to start again

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