A palace from another era: Tomaso Trussardi's gift to Michelle

A palace from another era: Tomaso Trussardi's gift to Michelle

Michelle Hunziker, tender mother with a big belly

For Michelle Hunziker, the months to come coincide with those of the expectation of her third daughter (yes, it is confirmed) and the preparation of the home that will welcome her, Tomaso, Aurora and Sole. Her family, the one built with effort and determination , as she herself tells in an interview with Chi.

"I thought it myself, instead life is incredible, it gives you wonderful things. It takes away a lot, but it also gives you a lot if you live by risking and throwing yourself without those walls that we create for fear of suffering again".

Tomaso has decided to buy a magnificent villa that will welcome his wife and their daughters, in Bergamo, not far from Palazzo Trussardi where he and Michelle welcomed their guests after the civil ceremony with which they joined in marriage.

The renovations of this splendid three-story house continue with the haste due to the birth, scheduled for March, of the third-born of the Hunziker whose name is still unknown, despite the confirmation of the sex.

The baby should be born in March and by then, the house should be fit for the Trussardi-Hunziker family: according to the first rumors, there will be 10 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 2 living rooms with fireplace plus a large terrace overlooking on the Val d'Astino and an Italian garden.

A family-sized palace worth € 5 million, worthy of a wonderful fairy tale and which would represent the right ending for one of the couples most loved by the public.

This luxurious residence, not far from Palazzo Trussardi, presents several important advantages for the family and especially for Tomaso, linked to Bergamo, the hub of the prestigious maison's business. For now, the newlyweds are still staying in the Trussardi residence, but why they settle in the new home is a matter of little. The goal, apparently, would be to conclude the renovation as soon as possible to welcome Michelle, Tomaso, Aurora (engaged in the fashion house's advertising campaign as testimonial) and their daughters.

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