"A story without a name", the intensity of Micaela Ramazzotti for a dedication of love to cinema

"A story without a name", the new film by Roberto Andò, starring an extraordinary Micaela Ramazzotti, is a beautiful tribute to the cinema

The links between cinema and reality, between imagination and realization, between writing and experience. A stolen painting, the perfect crime, the links between art, politics and the Mafia. A comedy that becomes noir and then returns to drama, a film about love and family ties. In the new film by Roberto Andò, A story without a name, distributed by 01 Distribution, at the cinema since September 20, there is everything inside, because his is a dedication of love to Cinema, to its ability to enclose the real and go besides, to investigate reality and transcend it.

As in the Italian comedy of the 1960s, in which the tragedy, the social, burst into the comic. Like in the best films of Mario Monicelli, which not surprisingly in the film Roberto Andò makes a beautiful tribute, having Alessandro Gassmann recite the same lines as his father Vittorio in The Great War (“I told you a nice thing, you understand, face de merda? ”), in this film one smiles, is moved and is in suspense until the last. In an attempt to understand what has happened and who has really stolen – here the idea is real, a true news story, the beautiful painting of the Nativity by Caravaggio.

Valeria asks (Micaela Ramazzotti), a young secretary with an enormous talent for writing, who lives with the bulky "mother Amalia (Laura Morante) and is in love with her boss Alessandro (Alessandro Gassmann), for which she writes scripts for years thanks to which he has enriched himself. Until the day when a mysterious man, Alberto Rak (Renato Carpentieri), brings her closer and proposes a new story, a "story without a name", that of the stolen painting, dragging it into the true search for the work of art.

From here a succession of twists and turns, in a joint between cinema and reality, given that the search for the picture proceeds hand in hand with the making of the film that talks about it, taken from the script written by Valeria and learned from the words of Rak. And while the investigations are continuing and the shooting of the film is coming to an end, she becomes more and more beautiful: she takes off the shapeless glasses, jackets and sweaters of the first scenes to become a woman who knows how to be sexy and seductive, sure of her feelings and of her femininity. The true work of art that is discovered at the end of the film is really her, her talent, her beauty. And Andò's film leaves us with a sense of fulfillment and sweetness, the same that one feels in front of a beautiful painting.

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