A [email protected] box, here’s why to have it and what it should contain

Find out why all couples should own a [email protected] box, what it should contain, and what the benefits are.

The [email protected] box it is an object that helps the couple to make the relationship varied and to kill the routine which creeps into the relationship especially when the couple is dated. All couples need to reinvent themselves, make fantasies, renew their love vows to resist the passing of time. Let’s find out what to put in the box.

sex box

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Inside the box you have to put what the couple needs to reinvent themselves. Accessories might be needed to fulfill certain fantasies or role-playing games, or just something to help revive libido. The purpose of the box is to allow the couple to broaden one’s repertoire of [email protected] practicesand give life to new sensory experiences.

Here’s what to put in the [email protected] box for couples

Have no idea what to put in your benefits box? Let’s find out what could help revive your intimate relationship. What should you put inside the box? You have to be daring with your imagination and enter come on [email protected] toys to any other object capable of helping you to give [email protected] openness e revive the relationship!

sex box

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Some items you could put in the box are:

1. Sensual card game and coupon

There are different types of these cards for couples whose purpose is to help the couple to communicate their mutual [email protected] desires. Through the cards the couple communicates their own to the other intimate and personal needs, as well as their own preferences or fantasies. On Amazon you can also find some nice coupons for the couple where you can indulge yourself with the requests to make to the partner, for example you can use the coupon of the 15 minutes massage completely naked and test his resistance to the assault.

2. [email protected] toy

The box can also accommodate a self-respecting [email protected] toy, such as a vibrator. Making love with your partner and using this object too broaden our sensory experiences and discover new erogenous zones. Obviously, before introducing news into the relationship, it is better to ask the partner if she agrees to get involved. Some people don’t like to indulge themselves in bed, others are more open under the sheets. Here are the zodiac signs that are willing to do anything under the sheets

3.Role Game Accessories

Role-playing games increasingly appreciated in couples, for example the classic game of the nurse who treats her patient. Making the game as realistic as possible makes it more fun. Use as many accessories as possible to stage your role, gown, fishnet stockings, stethoscope and thermometer. The excitement will skyrocket.

4. [email protected] game for female pleasure

Some accessories are designed for women who find it difficult to reach the pinnacle of pleasure. In particular it is of [email protected] toys air pulsed, they indirectly stimulate the clitoris using air which helps them reach orgasm.

5. Erotic board games

Like sensual cards, erotic board games for partners are also an excellent option to rekindle desire. They are board games that you want to accompany with a glass of wine and lots of imagination. There are infinite variations, some are more sensual others more [email protected] Choose the game that best suits your needs.