A Valentine's day on tiptoe

A Valentine's day on tiptoe

Fall in love on Valentine's Day? Even better if you do it on tiptoe, showing off the right shoe.

Cool shoes for Valentine's Day?

Fall in love on Valentine's Day? Even better if you do it on tiptoe, showing off the right shoe, the one capable of making any outfit sensual and super feminine.

To turn on the seduction on the most romantic night of the year, just wear a pair of heels to already feel more sexy and confident.
And if they are red like velvet and leather pumps with stiletto heels, even better.

And if yours is a deluxe love, the iconic red-soled shoes of Chirstian Louboutin are certainly the best habit to wear for a very special date for two. In addition to the classic black décolleté, among the top models of the autumn winter 2019-2020 collection there is certainly the two-tone leather shoe that fades from the black of the toe to the red which highlights the back of the foot and the heel: perfect for a striking look and ultraglam.

For the more spirited, the best idea to tease the partner's fantasy is to bandage the foot with strings and laces that evoke a more impetuous and impetuous sensuality, but without giving up the romanticism of the party of lovers: the right mix is ​​all enclosed in the enveloping shapes and romantic notes of Giuseppe Zanotti's Danse Du Feu sandal, made of suede and covered with red roses, to add a scenic touch to your evening.

A romantic and striking look also for the Versace GV Signature pumps, an iconic pointed shoe, in patent leather with a high heel and all-over print, depicting the autographed signature of Gianni Versace.

And if heels just aren't for you but you still want to feel gorgeous and sensual, don't worry. The seasonal shoes offer offers many ideas. Like the flat sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti, for example, characterized by large silk bows that not only recall the silhouettes of couture dresses, but recall the burlesque style so exaggeratedly feminine.

Maxi bow also featured on the Zaza Red Velvet in red velvet by Lena Erziak, which aims to conquer with the combination of red passion with the fabric that most of all tells the seduction of love. And if you love bright flashes, and want to make the shoe the undisputed protagonist of your outfit, then let yourself be seduced by the low-level stiletto of Linea Rosa which, on Valentine's Day, was inspired by the floral tribute par excellence: the rose.

The strap of the shoe is covered with studded thorns while at the tip of the décolleté a metal rose blossoms illuminated by a rhinestone pistil. All three proposals are also available in a high version with a stiletto heel.

Finally, for those who love comfort and do not give up sneakers even on Valentine's Day, here is the Sizey model from Premiata. A damn fashionable shoe with color combinations that make them absolutely cool!

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