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Tipsforwomens.org is an online magazine dedicated to women: it speaks their language, shares their way of feeling and responds to their interests. From fashion to health, from beauty to lifestyle, Tipsforwomens.org looks at the world at 360 ° with 100% female eyes. Digital, singular, feminine: the women’s magazine made for women. The new magazine for women full of insights and practical advice on Fashion, Beauty, Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness.

Tipsforwomens.org is a site that transforms following your emotions. A place where you can publish your ideas, participate in the news, comment on fashion facts, gossip , current affairs, well-being, beauty live with the female world. In addition, a “Guide” service with expert advice to answer all your questions.

Tipsforwomens.org Vision

To be the top 10 publication in the United States and the most well known in New York.

To give readers the best and well-researched content on a daily basis.

Meet our team of authors, writers, and editors: Tipsforwomens.org Team.

For any query or inquiry, visit our contact page or drop a mail at [email protected]

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