Accident for Alessia Marcuzzi: "I stumbled"

Accident for Alessia Marcuzzi: "I stumbled"

Small injury for the presenter, who on Instagram wanted to tell what happened to her ankle

Small unexpected for Alessia Marcuzzi who, in her Instagram stories, showed her injured ankle. The presenter of Le Iene has recovered from her bed to tell what happened to her. Her leg is stretched out on a pillow, with an evident makeshift bandage on the ankle.

"Mum was running to collect your poo, my dear, and she stumbled like a boiled chicken", so Alessia ironized, turning to Brownie, the little four-legged friend given to my daughter Mia. In fact, the dog of the house Marcuzzi indirectly caused the accident, who showed himself relaxed and blessed in the company of the handler in the videos she shared.

How is this story that I am here in pain and you, on the other hand, don't give a damn?

Fortunately, the incident did not have serious consequences: Alessia should be able to resume normal activities within a few days, while Brownie is already considered forgiven.

On the other hand, the small wad of fur in the Marcuzzi house has conquered everyone, even Nonna Mela. Always on Instagram, in fact, Alessia made her followers participate in some moments of infinite sweetness between the poodle, her daughter Mia, her mother Antonietta and her grandmother Mela, in the Foggia estate of Roseto Valfortore. In this regard, the presenter commented on a photo of them:

Light and carefree days, of simple things and genuine people like my grandmother, whose sincere and full of life gaze, I see in the eyes of my little daughter. Here we are together today, grandmother, mum and mine.

Alessia is enjoying a well-deserved summer break after the television year just ended, even though she has recently been the center of media attention due to rumors about an alleged marriage crisis underway with Paolo Calabresi Marconi. In reality, the two are still together and it was the presenter who denied the rumors, posting on Instagram a video in which her husband appeared, taken on the sofa with the little Mia.

Alessia is not the only celebrity to have hurt herself in this period: the presenter Barbara D’Urso was also the victim of a domestic accident that caused her burn.

Nothing serious for the two Mediaset presenters, who are always on the move and looking for new projects. Alessia, in fact, continues to work in smart working for her blog, while Barbara will return in September with her beloved programs. We just have to wish the best to both.

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