Accident for Barbara D’Urso: "I have a burn"

Accident for Barbara D’Urso: "I have a burn"

Domestic accident for Barbara D'Urso, who in a video on Instagram wanted to tell what happened to her in the hand

A small unexpected event for Barbara D’Urso, who shared a video on Instagram in which she tells of the domestic accident that caused her to burn a second degree in her hand.

The presenter first announced in the stories that she should share something with her followers that she would have preferred not to tell, then published a video in which she decided to expose herself, revealing what happened to her:

Friends, I have to share something with you. It's not that I really share everything about my private life, but I tell you many things. There is one thing that I really did not want to share with you, but I decided to do it because in two days I am live and you would have noticed it anyway. Something happened yesterday afternoon, I hurt my hand a lot.

Initially D’Urso would have preferred not to tell anything, because she thought it would heal from the burn in a short time. When she realized instead that she should have worn a bandage on her right hand for a few days, she decided to report to her audience about the domestic accident she suffered:

I didn't want to say it because you wouldn't have noticed so much, but the thing is pretty heavy and I am forced to go on air on Sunday evening.

By showing her bandaged hand, the presenter continued to explain in front of the camera of her smartphone – and with a glass of wine in her hand – that probably for Live's live show – It is not D’Urso will have to wear a glove. Having no intention of lying to his audience – who would obviously have noticed the bandage – he wanted to tell the truth:

Below I have an important burn, it was a painful moment and in fact I am in pain relief. Obviously the bad things are other, I will heal. I repeat, I thought about whether to share it or not. I would have preferred not, but on Sunday evening I will be so live, so I might as well warn you first!

Barbara D'Urso glissed on the dynamics of the accident, but still wanted to reassure her fans about her health, accompanying the video with the hashtags "Never stop", "Always with a smile" and the inevitable "With the heart". Obviously, there was no lack of supportive comments from her admirers, who can't wait to see her on Sunday evening aired with her program.

Barbara D'Urso

Barbara D’Urso wanted to reassure her followers on social media. Source: Instagram

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