Achille Lauro replies to Pio and Amedeo: "Reality is not just what you see in the newspapers"

Achille Lauro replies to Pio and Amedeo: "Reality is not just what you see in the newspapers"

After days of controversy, Achille Lauro intervenes to have his say on what happened after Felicissima Sera

He had been waiting for days and finally it has arrived. Achille Lauro's thought on the recent controversy concerning Pio and Amedeo is long and articulated, with points that also affect his personal experience and that he is not usually told in public.

The reason for this reflection has been known for days and concerns the monologue interpreted to Felicissima Sera on politically correct. The two Apulian comedians touched on the subject according to their own style, but not everyone liked it.

Achille Lauro was also a guest of the lucky Friday night show in one of the last episodes, where he interpreted a revised and corrected version of Rolls Royce, which became Fiat Punto for the occasion.

In the long observation entrusted to his official social channels, the artist of Marilù seems to distance himself from the common feeling, inviting everyone to go beyond appearances, beyond TV and beyond a glossy reality that may not correspond to the life of the characters who – di time to time – alternate on the small screen.

Lauro thus spoke of the many battles to support the weakest, the least, the outcasts (as he defines them) and the prisoners:

"For years I have invested money, time and commitment in the protection of human rights, for the rights of abandoned people in prisons, to help children in hospitals, for children in communities, for those who do not have a home, for those who have remained without work, for anyone who needs help and to be the architect and participant, in my small way, in a revolution whereby the social, cultural and human condition of the weak and discriminated classes can change definitively ".

And no, this desire was not unleashed when he started to be successful but it has always been inside him, so much so that it was activated already in unsuspecting times and when "he didn't have a penny".

With his story, the artist urges us to read the story of Achille Lauro in a different way, deeper and less clinging to appearances. Lauro is not just sequins, disguises and glory. And this is how he wanted to reveal how he felt alone in all these years of struggles to say that he was free from any criticism, any prejudice, any malice and every word too many.

Words have weight, yes, and behind each word there is the life of a person who could be shattered by one too many offenses, perhaps thrown in without thinking. Lauro matured and came to this conclusion after he felt misunderstood for years.

"I understood this when they humiliated me thinking that I am a clown who shows off. But in my artistic interpretation, music is not just music. It is spectacle, it is a state of mind, it is an ideal, it is extreme freedom, it is the rejection of those who believed that I was not free, or that I was not up to par, it is the result of years of humiliation and shame ".

From his mother's teachings, he grasped the value of empathy, unity and the need to never feel alone. Nobody is saved alone, but everyone has a story to tell and that they cannot always put on the streets, out of respect for themselves but also for the attention that must be paid to the sensitivity of others.

Achille Lauro, then, concludes by exhorting everyone to reflect and to go beyond that is not fashionable, sometimes for convenience, other times for laziness: "Be careful because reality is not only what you see on newspapers and TV, and behind those stories very often there are real lives made of suffering, values ​​and battles ”.

Achille Lauro

Achille Lauro

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