Acne: three natural and affordable ingredients for a new skin at the start of the school year

Acne: three natural and affordable ingredients for a new skin at the start of the school year

Who says back to school, often says acne… A phenomenon that can be attributed to the stress inherent in returning to work, or studies, but which is more frequently linked to exposure to UV rays. Whatever the reason, these sudden outbreaks of acne can be a source of complexes, and spoil the start of the school year. Fortunately, there are natural and inexpensive solutions to try to overcome blackheads, pimples, and other excess sebum, which affect many more people than you might think.

Exposure to the sun, and more specifically to ultraviolet rays, tends to dry out the skin and make it thicker, resulting in a clear and radiant complexion. In appearance anyway. Because it also results in clogged pores and an accumulation of sebum, which drains as the effects of the sun wear off. This is when acne breakouts occur, often accompanied by blackheads and excess sebum. Not very good when you are about to go back to school or the office, even though the phenomenon actually affects millions of people in Europe alone. However, certain natural ingredients can help fight this mild acne which, if it persists or worsens, will require consultation with a health professional.

tea against sebum

Just go to the cosmetics department of the biggest perfumery brands to gauge the quantity of tea-based anti-acne products. And it is not a hazard. White tea, but even more green tea, are both natural weapons to support those who tend to develop acne, thanks to their astringent properties. Their main asset? Reduce the secretion of sebum which, in excess, is precisely one of the causes of acne. In the form of oil, mask, cream, or serum, green tea is one of the allies of problem skin. Not to be confused with the essential oil of tea tree which, by the way, allows its side to dry up acne pimples.

Apple cider vinegar for blackheads

You don’t catch flies with vinegar, but you can use it to get rid of blackheads that ruin the lives of the youngest (and not so young). Rich in nutrients, organic acids and mineral salts, cider vinegar is a powerful antibacterial agent that deeply cleanses the skin and relieves it of pollution and other impurities accumulated throughout the day. Even better, the precious elixir helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and put an end to blackheads. A natural remedy within everyone’s reach.

A surprising tip: sweating

We do everything to avoid it, winter and summer, with deodorant and talc… Yet sweating doesn’t only have bad sides. On the contrary, it would get rid of impurities, pimples, and blackheads, provided you do not sweat excessively and do not let it macerate. Perspiration is a natural phenomenon that results in the evaporation of sweat through the pores of the skin, ridding it at the same time of sebum and impurities. And to top it off, it would contain an antimicrobial peptide that would naturally protect the skin against the agents responsible for acne. Where is the gym?