Acrylic nails reconstruction: what it is and how to do it

Acrylic nails reconstruction: what it is and how to do it

Among the nail reconstruction techniques one of the most famous is the acrylic one. Here is what it is, the benefits and how it works

Among the nail reconstruction techniques one of the most famous is the acrylic one. This is a very particular method, different from the gel as regards the realization that the materials used. Acrylic nail reconstruction was born in the United States between the Forties and Fifties and has been a great success since the beginning.

Despite this, the technique has spread in Europe, and specifically in Italy, with a considerable delay, and even today it is used by few, since it requires great manual skill and high preparation. In essence, the reconstruction is carried out by combining a polymer (an acrylic powder) and a monomer (a specific liquid).

These two substances, when joined, cause a chemical reaction that allows to obtain a highly compact and mouldable compound. This product is applied directly on the surface of the natural nail to create a resistant and solid state that covers the underlying part or extends it, thanks to the help of nails form with which to create different shapes according to the needs.

What is acrylic nail reconstruction

What is the acrylic reconstruction? It is a different method from the gel to cover or reconstruct natural nails. The product that is used to perform this operation is much more resistant to trauma and shock. This is why it is ideal for those who want to have manicured nails, but do manual work, such as housewives or cleaning workers, who often find themselves using detergents and chemicals that can damage the reconstruction.

Compared to other substances, acrylic is much more versatile, it can be worked more easily and allows real masterpieces to be created. Furthermore, acrylic does not need polymerization. It is in fact a powdered substance that is reacted with a liquid, which means that it does not need a UV or LED lamp. For this it solidifies and dries only in contact with the air.

Acrylic nails reconstruction: for whom it is indicated and why to do it

Nail reconstruction is often used to combat the problems of nail eaters. This technique is ideal for those who need to reconstruct the nail bed due to severe nail biting or traumas that prevent uniform and normal nail growth, with grooves and depressions.

It is considered the best technique even for those with nails that are refractory to all artificial materials. In most cases, in fact, the acrylic is able to exert a corrective action on the nails, improving their growth and solving many problems. Another advantage not to be underestimated is given by the fact that it allows to obtain a natural effect, despite the nails being artificially rebuilt.

Acrylic nails reconstruction: how it works

How does acrylic nail reconstruction work? It is made, as we have already explained, using a resin obtained by mixing a powder and a liquid. To create it, the brush is immersed first in the polymer, then in the monomer. In this way, in a few seconds, a very easy-to-work material is formed that is applied to the nail and shaped according to what you want to create.

The resin is modeled directly on the nail after it has been prepared. Once a layer of the desired thickness is created, it is dried in the air, without the use of the UV lamp. One of the great advantages of this technique is given by the fact that the product does not drip, which means that it is also possible to make three-dimensional and much more particular decorations.

The only flaw is the pungent smell of acrylic, but with a mask and a well-ventilated room the situation can be dealt with very quietly and without problems. The difficulty is represented more than anything else by the need to combine the right amount of polymer and monomer. If the product is too dry it will be difficult to work and will be much more fragile. If the resin is too liquid, it could cause lifting, with the formation of mold and mycosis.

For this reason it is always necessary to contact a professional in the field who has successfully followed specific courses and who can offer guarantees of safety and professionalism, but above all have a long experience behind them, in order to create what you want.

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