Acupressure: the points to be massaged if you suffer from sinusitis

Acupressure: the points to be massaged if you suffer from sinusitis

Acupressure for sinusitis is used to relieve the discomfort due to congestion of the paranasal sinuses. Here are the six points to be stimulated to combat the problem

Acupressure for sinusitis can be self-performed by all those who suffer from paranasal sinus disorders. There are six strategic points on which to focus finger pressure. The first point is located just above the root of the nose, between the eyebrows. Pressing it for about a minute helps the breasts secrete mucus, preventing them from drying out and becoming inflamed. This operation is also useful in preventing colds and rhinitis.

The two sides of the nose constitute the second strategic point of acupressure for sinusitis: we must press them with the indexes pushing downwards. This way the breasts will drain the mucus more effectively, and that annoying pain in the back of the cheeks will vanish. Pressing this point regularly also helps prevent respiratory illnesses.
The third point is at the top of the nose. The ideal would be to press it for at least five minutes: in this way the pressure behind the eyes and the disorders of the ethmoid sinuses and the sphenoid sinuses will be relieved.

You can also try to get down by pressing the edges of the nose to the point of pressure of the nostrils: in case of sinusitis, the whole area is sensitive.
The fourth point of acupressure for sinusitis is found in a straight line below the pupil. To find it, just go down and feel your cheek until you find a tender spot. Pressing it by dragging it upwards causes all of the breasts and the Eustachian tubes to relax. It is a strategic point, especially if you have pain in the maxillary sinuses, in the area of ​​the cheeks and even inside the mouth (for example if you have teeth).

The fifth point is called "the filter". This is the small groove located above the upper lip. The pressure must be directed towards the nose. It is also useful to press it when you want to prevent a sneeze due to flu or allergy. If the breasts are clogged, the mucus will be felt to flow towards the back of the throat.
The last point is located along the eyebrow arch. The best way to massage it is by sliding your thumbs outwards while simultaneously pressing upwards. It's a real cure for relieving the pressure behind the eyes.

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