Addressed to "Amici 18": the students occupy the school

Addressed to "Amici 18": the students occupy the school

The students of the Amici 18 school started a protest against the elimination of the competitor Marco Alimenti

The revolt against Amici explodes: the students of the most famous school in Italy have begun a protest against the dance professor Timor Steffens's decision to eliminate the competitor Marco Alimenti.

To the dance teacher, the students of the television program led by Maria De Filippi contest the method with which she eliminated the student, after having decided (weeks ago) not to do a lesson with the same Marco Alimenti because he did not consider it suitable to his style .

For this reason, the friends of Amici 18 have decided to occupy the school by covering it with posters and banners with the words #fammistudiare, "the right to study", "Let me grow, change and be myself", wearing T-shirts with the inscription # fammistudiare.

That's not all: the protagonists of the popular Canale 5 show have announced that they will not perform until their requests are accepted, that they will reject the songs and choreographies assigned to them by the teachers and that they will continue to do lessons only with the teachers who share the reasons for their revolt.

Amici 18's students have a double request: first, they ask that Marco Alimenti be able to return to the Amici di Maria De Filippi school and be judged only after having worked for at least a week with the dance teacher Timor Steffens. The students of the school, however, also ask that this rule, from now on, applies to all participants of the 18th edition of the popular Canale 5 program.

But who is Timor Steffens? Dutch dancer and choreographer, born in 1987, in 2009 he was chosen among the dancers of the tour This is It by Michael Jackson, which was supposed to start in July 2009. On June 25th of that year, however, the pop star died and the tour did not have never place. On 7 July 2009, Timor Steffens danced with the other dancers during the public commemoration at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. In the documentary film Michael Jackson's This Is It, appears during the rehearsals for the tour.

In 2015, Timor Steffens became the artistic director of the Italian television program The Voice of Italy. In 2016 he was the judge of the first edition of the Italian version of the Dance Dance Dance program. Last November, he then joined the cast of the eighteenth edition of the Friends of Maria De Filippi program as a dance professor.

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