Adele as Cupid: the romantic marriage proposal during the concert

The singer helped a man make an unforgettable marriage proposal for a fan of hers during a concert that aired on CBS

Adele, the physical transformation in 14 years of career Adele’s songs have been the soundtrack to thousands of love stories for almost 15 years now, but now there is a couple who without a shadow of a doubt will never forget them. We talk about Quentin Brunson and Ashleigh Mann, two fans of the singer who lived a memorable moment, having the opportunity to go on stage with her during a concert-event. Not only that: on that occasion Adele helped Quentin to stage the most romantic marriage proposal possible, in front of thousands of people and with the singer acting as Cupid.

Adele, the wedding proposal during the concert

Actually the romantic moment dates back to last month, when Adele recorded a special concert for CBS, entitled Adele One Night Only in which she performed her most famous songs and some taken from the brand new album 30. The show, however, it aired a few days ago and only then it was discovered that the singer helped the young man make his marriage proposal to the girlfriend he has been with for seven years. It was the two guys who told the unforgettable episode to CBS Mornings: “I thought ‘Ok, this is a dream, for sure,” said Ashley Mann recalling that moment, which Adele sealed while singing Make You Feel My Love. The young woman said she did not understand what was happening: she was brought blindfolded behind the scenes of the stage and only then was the reason for the surprise revealed to her. To tell the truth, even the same boyfriend had discovered that he would be helped by Adele just two days before the event, which was also attended by other stars such as Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy. “I tried not to look anyone in the eye so as not to be discovered,” he explained.

Record-breaking Adele, the new life after divorce

Meanwhile, Adele is enjoying this new golden moment. His new album, 30, is already a hit and the single Easy on me broke all records within hours of release, with millions of streams and video views. In the last few days, moreover, the singer has returned to talk about herself for the interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she tells herself at 360 ° and talks about the loss of her father, who had abandoned her as a child, and the sufferings experienced for divorce, which is the central theme of the new album.

Now for her, however, a new – beautiful – chapter of her life has begun, alongside sports attorney Rich Paul with whom she has finally come out into the open.

Adele, the weight loss that caused discussion

Now Adele is happy and has never looked so beautiful, but she has faced several criticisms due to her weight loss. Many, in fact, thought that she had denied that message of body positivity that she was the spokesperson for, but things did not go this way and recently she was able to clarify it: “It was because of my anxiety” – she admitted the star – “By training, I felt better.”

“It was never about losing weight, it was always about getting stronger, about giving myself time every day without my phone. And so I became addicted, I train two or three times a day “

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