Adele, her look is a modern fairy tale: Snow White temptress

Adele, il look da Biancaneve

The look that Adele proposed for the announcement of the video of the song Oh My God is nothing short of fabulous: a tempting Snow White

Adele, the mind-boggling offer for Stallone's villa (and the dream interiors)

Adele, the mind-boggling offer for Stallone’s villa (and the dream interiors)

To announce the release of the video of the song Oh my God – in anticipation for January 12 – Adele shared a photo on Instagram that reminded us of a modern temptress Snow White: a mix between the fairy tale and Eve, with an apple in her hand, the red dress, bare shoulders. His expression has left very little room for the imagination: the artist is now acclaimed all over the world, not only for his skill, but also for his personal growth, which has inspired us a lot. .

Adele, the modern Snow White look

In recent times, Adele has been conquering us with sparkling looks, with style choices that are allowing her to shine from every point of view. Could the announcement of the Oh My God video not be accompanied by an unparalleled choice of style? Red, the color that has always been associated with passion, love, is a lively shade, able to excite.

But that’s not the only detail we’ve noticed: Adele holds an apple, the forbidden fruit, of sin in her hand. This photo is not just a scene: it is highly evocative. From the gaze of a temptress to a precious necklace, the song Oh My God is an invitation to let yourself go, and then regain control of your life after conflicts. A bit like what happened to the artist in recent times.

Inner growth thanks to music

Adele’s strength lies in her ability to express emotions and feelings through music, which is what we have come to love in her. It speaks to the heart, and it is no coincidence that Easy on me, a short time after its release, has obtained millions of plays. The album was expected, just as we now await the video of Oh My God, where, we are sure, we will find it in a gritty guise.

The Easy on me video hid a message: the house in the background is the same as the video from Hello, in Quebec. Over the past two years, Adele has found herself facing pivotal moments, such as the end of her divorce marriage. The new album also has a personal role in his life: “In this album it’s as if I wanted to explain to my son Angelo who I am, the moment I’m going through and why I dismantled his life”.

Adele’s need and newfound happiness with Rich Paul

The end of a marriage is a moment that breaks not only the heart: it questions many aspects, including the balances that had been created. And it’s time to step on the rubble, pick it up, rebuild it. Adele did it, using music to exorcise pain, suffering, and embark on the path of inner growth. Alongside Rich Paul, she also found a smile, that love she believed she had lost forever. The British singer made their love story official on Instagram: later, they were spotted at various events, always united by a complicit look.

Adele, the Snow White look

Adele, the Snow White look on Instagram

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