Adele, the pain of the loss of her newly found father

After years of great difficulty, Adele regains strength and returns to the scene. And his fans are told how he never did

Adele, the physical transformation in 14 years of career

It is a period of rebirth for Adele, who has had to face some really difficult moments. It has changed a lot compared to the artist we first met many years ago. How and why, she told it herself, letting herself go on everything about her life: marriage, the loss of her father and the new album, a symbol of rebirth.

Adele, the loss of her father who had abandoned her

Growing up without a dad isn’t easy at all. Mark Evans, Adele’s father, has hardly ever had intercourse with his daughter, at least until the last days of his life. When the artist was only 3 years old, in fact, the man abandoned his family, due to alcohol.

Father and daughter remained in contact for a few more years, until their final separation. After the interruption of relations, silence and anger reigned between the two, especially on the part of Adele. What few people know, however, is that they also managed to find each other shortly before Mark’s death in May after a long fight against cancer. To tell it is the singer, who confessed to Rolling Stone magazine about one of the most painful moments of her life:

I don’t think I understood the true depth of what I felt for my father – he confessed – until we spoke. When he died I screamed, I felt that something was gone. From that moment on, I felt calm. I really freed the little me

Adele and the divorce from Simon Konecki

Another less than happy moment for Adele was the farewell to Simon Konecki, married in May 2018. Their story began to falter only a year after the wedding and, now, about two years after the separation, the two signed an official divorce.

When the two announced the end of their marriage, there was a lot of uproar. In particular, Adele felt teased by many web users, who made fun of the end of her love story. He even doubted the support of his own fans: “Why don’t you like me? Why should they write these things if they have followed me for 10 years? “.

Working on herself, she realized that in reality her supporters were only asking to be able to hear her enchanting voice again. She has thus transformed all the pain into strength and now, after about six years of silence, she is ready to return to the scene with her new album, ’30’. Will he find the fans of yesteryear?

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