Adele without makeup on Instagram: in the direct with the fans she is magnificent


She is more beautiful and radiant than ever, in the live stream she gave to her fans: Adele shows herself without makeup, and she is enchanting

Adele, the physical transformation in 14 years of career

Adele has decided to give a wonderful surprise to her fans, connecting live on Instagram to talk to them and answer a few questions. They were very intense moments, especially since during the course of the link he gave followers a preview of an excerpt of his next single. And then because she showed herself in all her natural beauty, without make-up: a fairytale vision.

Adele without makeup, she is beautiful

His first live on Instagram was an unmissable event for thousands of fans, who had the opportunity to interact with Adele during an evening full of emotions. For the occasion, the artist decided to present herself online in the most natural and genuine version of herself, choosing to appear without makeup. And so, with her blond hair down on her shoulders and a sweet smile, she conquered everyone: she couldn’t be more beautiful, in her simplicity. On the other hand, the transformation it has made in recent years is something incredible.

As she herself told in a recent interview with Vogue, she owes her change not so much to the need to lose weight, but to the need to allay her anxieties. Dedicated body and soul to sport, the results were not long in coming: in a short time she lost a lot of weight and began to appreciate her figure more in front of the mirror, while managing to feel better from a psychological point of view. Today she is more enchanting than ever, and not only because she has lost weight: it is her eyes at last serene and her radiant smile that make her so beautiful.

Adele in love again

This is a golden moment for Adele. Finally happy with herself, she literally made a turn: after her divorce with Simon Konecki, she dedicated herself to everything that made her feel good. While having, as a first goal, the well-being of his son Angelo. The artist has dedicated his new album to him and to the small difficulties encountered along the road to separation, which marks Adele’s return to the scene 6 years after her last record.

Meanwhile, the singer has found love again. In recent months there had been a lot of talk about an alleged flirtation with Rich Paul, however for some time the news had remained only an indiscretion. Finally, a beautiful photo shared on Instagram has given official status to the happy news: Adele and the sports agent are happy and in love, so much so that – apparently – both would have already made the introductions to the family.

Adele without makeup


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