Adherence to care: what to do when you are on multiple therapies

Adherence to care: what to do when you are on multiple therapies

The doctor is always the point of reference for those who follow treatment. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" gives us some important tips for adhering to therapies

Chronic diseases, especially in the elderly, can sometimes be associated with the same person. What to do when several diseases are being treated at the same time?

Adherence to care: what to do

It is always important in the first place, from the point of view of the doctor, to try to prescribe as few drugs as possible, selecting the necessary ones. But it is above all important to clarify well to the patient, and perhaps also to those who care if the person is elderly and not completely self-sufficient, which are the medicines that must be taken for the attack phase of the treatment, therefore for a limited period, and which they must be hired chronically, therefore for a long time.

Finally, it should never be forgotten that the patient must be regularly reviewed by the doctor, also to check if the treatments he is following are always necessary or should be optimized.

In short, before suspending a treatment, remember that the doctor is the reference point, because the risks are around the corner. For example, for those with hypertension, between unknown cases and untreated therapies, only about three out of ten people reach the set goal in terms of pressure values ​​and complete control of the resulting cardiovascular risk.

A few simple tips

  • Always inform your doctor if you have difficulty undergoing a certain treatment or the type of administration you prefer;
  • use a box divided into compartments to check if the drugs have been taken or not;
  • try to take medications, unless otherwise specified, at fixed times and close to specific times of the day;
  • never run out of treatment, when you see that the drugs are starting to fail, go to the pharmacy immediately, without waiting for the last day to have them available.

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