Adolfo Carulli, husband of Ombretta Fumagalli and father of her children

Adolfo Carulli, marito di Ombretta Fumagalli e padre dei suoi figli

Adolfo Carulli remained with his wife Ombretta Fumagalli all his life

Ombretta Fumagalli and Adolfo Carulli have spent most of their lives together, united by a love so solid that only death could drive them away. He, a famous entrepreneur, has always supported and supported his wife in her political commitment and in the numerous activities she carried out in her long career.

Always very reserved, Adolfo Carulli has never loved the spotlight, so much so that he and Ombretta only attended a few public events together, preferring to keep their love story private. In fact, about them – at least as regards the more intimate sphere – there is very little information: Adolfo is a well-known entrepreneur, for many years at the head of a famous Piedmontese appliance company. He has always spent a lot in his work, without neglecting his family duties.

Ombretta Fumagalli married Adolfo, adopting his surname among other things, and had two children with him. The whole family has always stayed away from the glossy world, preserving their privacy. But those who got to know the two spouses could not help but notice the enormous complicity that has always linked them, as well as the sympathy and elegance that distinguished them at every event in which they took part.

Their love story ended on March 16, 2021, when Ombretta passed away. She was 77, and had been ill for a long time. Apparently, he spent his last moments in Milan, where he lived for long years with his family. Born in Meda, Brianza, Fumagalli has had a brilliant career: she graduated with honors in Law, becoming in 1975 the first woman in the whole country to hold a university chair of Canon Law.

It was her, later, another first: in 1981 she was in fact the first woman elected by Parliament as a member of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. His commitment was astonishing, and he founded the Anti-Mafia Committee right in the ranks of the CSM. At the end of the 1980s, then, Ombretta Fumagalli devoted herself to political activity. He has worked with numerous governments, including that of Silvio Berlusconi in 1994, in the role of Undersecretary to the Prime Minister.

Only in the early 2000s did he give up his political commitment, returning full-time to teaching at the Catholic University of Milan, dealing with Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law. In 2003, Pope John Paul II appointed her as a Pontifical Academician at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

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